Halting All Gunpla Projects

I have some bits of bad news but it’s not as serious as the title might sound ^^;. But as it implies, I need to halt building Gundam models until at least the end of August (and then maybe indefinitely… just kidding). That means I won’t have my MG Astray Red Frame review out until maybe September. I truly apologize so please forgive me. It’s that I’m now on the third term of summer school (Japanese 203) and I want to make sure I do real well in this one as well so I need all the time I can to study. I have class everyday and work 3-4 days a week so time is hard to spare right now. Usually if I don’t have the whole day to spend on my project, I won’t work on it ^^;.

While there might not be any Gunpla reviews, there will be plenty of other reviews planned along the way so it’s not like this blog will be dead for a month or something. Thank you for your continuing support!


23 thoughts on “Halting All Gunpla Projects

  1. that’s just fine do what you must at the moment… Gunpla is just a hobby and not a life (though your blog states its gunpla life XD) just good luck on your schooling..

    this post made me think that you are now a graduating student. XD

  2. Well, it’s a better circumstance that interrupted your Gunpla hobby than other kinds, Z. And if all goes well on your higher priority, you’ll at least be one-up on me in terms of knowing languages. *shrug* At least it didn’t severely hinder that hobby, since it’s a pretty good way to kill time, at least.

    In any case, I look forward to your future entries, Z.

  3. b-but…if ur gonna quit Gunpla for a bit, then how do you have time for other things? Like Kamen Rider?
    Is it because Gunpla has to be built? I guess that would explain it, and that future reviews will be on figures instead of models…

    …well good luck nontheless! Looking forward to hopefully more Knightmare reviews! ^^

    1. Exactly… Gunpla has to be built. And built to my liking. I can’t control the quality of the figures I buy but I do make sure my Gunpla comes out the way I want it.

  4. ahh don’t sweat it. but man that’s a big load of kits! how do you afford these? ahh but good luck in class.

    is it really hard to learn japanese? i think i wanna try on learning later on when i finally start college.

    1. I’ve come to believe that it’s the curriculum structure that makes up for the “difficulty” of learning a language if you are new to it. If it is well structured and easy for you to understand, then it should be smooth going but if it isn’t… then you’ll be struggling unnecessarily for maybe all the wrong reasons.

      Personally, I think the curriculum at my university is a complete pile of shit… but I still find the language easy to grasp thanks to almost a decade of experience playing Super Robot Wars…

      1. Ahh i see. I tried playing my japanese coach for the ds and i feel like a little kid only knowing how to count up to 10 and knowing the basic colors. only think i know are how to say some words due to watching japanese stuffs like anime and dramas.


  6. Nooo, pls at least post the red frame since it’s so close to completion!!!
    Well, u gotta do what u gotta do in the end. Hope ur schooling goes well

  7. Same case for me as my degree course starts next week, hardly have time for gunpla so I’m switching my loots to some other stuff instead of gunpla -no stop on shopping…

      1. I believe he is both. He is an engineer for his career while his hobby sponsors give him gunplas in return for ad space on his site.

    Just curious question what occupation do you have right now? Or can that be discovered somewhere else in the blog?

    1. You just reminded me that I STILL need to update my “About” page (maybe I’ll work on it during this down time…)

      Anyway, my occupation is a poor college student.

        I remember when my big sis used to be a poor college student she couldn’t afford a Nikon(equivalent to a GF1 now, or maybe just a little more) and never bought that many plushies(Gunpla and figures)!!

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