Week of Noodles

Still trying to get the hang of the GF1 and the 20mm pancake lens (specifically in low light situations).  Been eating a lot of noodle stuff lately so thought I’d like to share, starting with the above: Spaghetti and shrimp seasoned with some garlic herb butter type of deal. Made by my mom ^^.

… Then I went out to my favorite Korean restaurant a day or so later for some CHINESE noodles (yea…). The items above are not noodles (obviously) but just wanted to show how bright it is even though the lighting was sooo dim in the restaurant.

Grilled Chicken that my friend ordered…

Griled squid

mm.. tentacles…

Here’s the actual noodle dish and the heart of the restaurant- handmade Lai mein! literally “hand pulled noodles”. I supposed you can say this is Chinese noodles cooked Korean style? The master (I think he is Chinese?) makes them fresh and we can usually see him working his magic in the kitchen.

A closer look. The noodles were like 3 feet long when the Master was “pulling” them! This plate was stir-fried with squid. Really huge portions!

The other dish. Same idea… just stir-fried with pork.

With anything grilled (or deliciously cooked), there has to be beer to go with it! Drinking Sapporo, a Japanese beer, with a Hite cup. Ha!

Now we’re at a Japanese izakaya-styled restaurant… meaning tiny portions and absurd prices (like $9 for a plate of FOUR SLICES of roasted duck). Apparently this place supposedly has the best ramen in Oregon so thought I’d check it out for myself.

My favorite drink… Vernors ginger ale.

That’s right… I went to a Japanese restaurant and ordered CHINESE food too! This tiny plate of stir-fried bok choy with various mushrooms costed $6.50… but it was the damned best plate of bok choy I ever had >_>

Fried scallops. It was really difficult to take photos in this place since we were really far away from the light source and it was dimmer than the Korean restaurant.

My bowl of Kakuni Ramen- ramen in tonkotsu with char shu, pork belly, and other assorted stuff… but no egg?

I found it weird that the noodles weren’t… curly/wavy.

The meat was sweet! and I meant that literally! Not sugar sweet… but maybe a honey sweet?

The slice of “Char shu”… a long time ago when I first came upon a menu item at a Japanese restaurant called “Char shu ramen”, I really expected the Chinese “char shu” to be with my ramen (which sounds like an awesome combo). Well, this bowl of ramen was pretty tasty too but… sodium galore! I was thirsty all night after this meal. My ramen at Daikokuya in LA>>>this.

I also had Pad Kee Mao from a Thai restaurant and udon that I cooked myself but sadly, I forgot pictures of those.

Noodles your type of food? Do you have any recommendations for noodle dishes? Do share :D



15 thoughts on “Week of Noodles

  1. spaghetti with white sauce is what I’m still trying to master to cook and yea it taste good.

    or try “Pansit Palabok” a Filipino style cooked noodles

        1. yes and your choice of either bacon or, if you prefer seafood marinara, the same creamy sauce with seafood on it instead

  2. The shrimp spaghetti at the front of the page looks so delicious. I wish I had something similar right now (such as noodles with shrimp, crab meat, and some type of sauce), but I have to settle for a quick chicken sandwich, given my circumstances. Maybe one day… :)

  3. man this just made me drool a lot…. ahhh time to go to the city for some noodles now! ahhh… all i have in my house right now is spaghetti.

  4. woah – wife surprised me with lemon orzo pasta last night and now i’m reading more about noodles. can’t get enough.

  5. To another Chinese guy like me, it doesn’t seem all that unusual but it sure makes me hungry right now.

    You should know that chinese cooking is essentially boiled down to spices and soy sauce, that bok choi can’t be worth $6.50 no matter how you try to justify it!

    Personally I like Ramen and other Japanese noodle soups more than the Chinese styles I’m already familiar with. Anyway, great post, you always seem to make food entertaining here.

    Did you watch the master just smack the noobles and make a loud noise with it and pulling it at the same time?
    Well I’m not a big fan of having beer, but I do like a few shots of vodka to go with anything grilled. Preferably blueberry vodka.
    Everybody, try mixing half half in a can of coke with vodka and drink it just like coke. You’re gonna be down on the floor right there ^^.

  7. Damn~ Why did I open this just when I was getting hungry? Anyways, All of that looks REALLY good. Especially… erm… all of it? ^^;

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