13 thoughts on “The Beginning Part 2

  1. Grandmother said this, “Mechanical beings that can reflect the ability to think as humans will soon be kicked by a masked man. The end of this world is soon…”

    1. *Turns into an inner frame and realizes he has to “Cast On” instead and THEN realizes Z didn’t finish his TA yet, so he turns back to normal, THEN just uses Clock Up to build his Gerbera Straight and gets a really nasty nubmark on the back edge.*

      1. then the hyper v-fin (zecter) flies in *Maximum gundam powa* then thed TA flies in and he kicks it………unltimate fan fic

  2. Or, or maybe RF will pick up Z’s file and use it like a katana! :D (plz ignore anything crazy I say. I haven’t had anything to do for all of summer so I’m going a bit crazy :D)

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