SHF Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor and Dark Kiva

WAKE UP news! Just the other day I was wondering why the heck there isn’t a SH Figuarts of Kiva when there is already a IXA. So glad Kiva is finally getting the SHF treatment along with his brother/father/King, Dark Kiva. I would like the original version of Kiva too just for his Hell’s Gate Rider Kick.  I’ve already seen the whole series and I think it was pretty enjoyable (the 1986 story side is better!).  Just look at the details on that figurART!

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Bun Bo Hue

A little continuation of the noodle talk from the other day. This time it’s a Vietnamese noodle soup called Bun Bo Hue (in which this particular restaurant specializes in), or “Beef rice vermicelli soup- Hue style”. If you ever have pho, then this is pretty similar but also different as well in a good way.

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