Bun Bo Hue

A little continuation of the noodle talk from the other day. This time it’s a Vietnamese noodle soup called Bun Bo Hue (in which this particular restaurant specializes in), or “Beef rice vermicelli soup- Hue style”. If you ever have pho, then this is pretty similar but also different as well in a good way.

Started off with a cold cup of tea. The restaurant is a small mom and pops shop which I find very cozy even though it wasn’t tidy nor exactly clean… but it’s places like these where I think I have a better chance of finding great and authentic food here than those fancy over-decorated restaurants =). The menu barely has 40 items total (drinks included)… sounds like a specialty shop to me!

Like with your bowl of pho, Bun Bo Hue also comes with a plate of bean sprouts, lime and the sorts to put into your already-overstuffed noodle bowl.

My friend’s bowl of Grilled Shrimp and Rice noodle. It’s a cold dish but those shrimps looked delicious…

And here’s my bowl of Bun Bo Hue Dac Biet (special size). It might not look like it but it’s a pretty big and deep bowl ^^;. If it looks a bit “plain”, that’s because I asked the waitress to leave out the green onions; I like my noodle soup plain so I can enjoy the flavor of the noodles and the main stuff that goes with it. She was very nice and insist we sit next to the AC… Glad I did because it got a bit hot after we started eating hehe…

So what’s in it? Pork paste sausage (delicious), thinly sliced beef, pork knuckles/hocks and… my favorite, pork blood. Oh I love pork blood… especially when lightly stir-fried with green onion and garlic. I guess it being in a soup is fine as well. As you can probably tell from the chili pepper seeds floating inside, this is a savory and (mildly) spicy dish. Bold and punchy flavors thanks to the various herbs in the broth.

The rice noodles. There’s no artsy presentation or anything fancy about the food or the way it is cooked. Just straight-up honest-to-goodness grub. This is my favorite type of food… just sit down and dig in! Enjoy the simple pleasure that happens to fulfill the very basic need of being a human. ahhhh…


Or wait… shouldn’t I be saying ごちそさまでした at the end of this post? Afterall, I am done eating… >_>

So as for you, have you tried this before? Does this tickle your fancy?

11 thoughts on “Bun Bo Hue

  1. Well i am viet so I looooove eating this. My mom makes it sometimes and its always good. The best part is the pork knuckles/hocks (never knew what they were called in english xD ) with all the fat and stuff =D

  2. Pork… blood?
    You know, Z, every time I read your posts it insists me to do the same thing.
    Now I wanna try pork blood. Is Bun Bo Hue in Oregon?
    I guess I’ll try it out sometimes and ask the waitress where you are >:]

  3. pork blood? is it the dark one? cause im not sure. if so have you tried eating it grilled? barbecue style

    1. i think people call it betamax over here in philippines……
      i still haven’t tried it though, is it good?

    2. Yea it’s the dark red “cubes”. I have not tried it grilled before… but I’m willing to try it if someone can cook it properly!

      1. I believe they don’t cook this too much so it will not burn, not sure how long cause I rarely eat them, we call them “dugo” though I also heard they call this betamax ^^,

        but for taste yea it tastes good dip it on vinegar with onions and chopped “sili” (spicy peppers, not the small round black ones but the long red ones), though some people doesn’t enjoy its flavor, still one of the best street food here on the Philippines!!!

      2. don’t grill it =__=. We usually have it boiled, or stir fried (like he said). But when you grill it, it will be dried and it’s hard to eat.

  4. Being Viet, I love eating this either at home or out.

    If you have never been to Vietnam, Z, go immediately!!

    Honestly, after having a heck-load of my favourite dishes in Vietnam, returning to Canada and eating Viet dishes out at restaurants…it just never tasted the same anymore. It sucks to be honest. xDD.

    Now I am drooling to go back to Vietnam.

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