Kamen Rider Black RX

Even though I haven’t seen this series yet, it still has a special spot inside me.  Why? Because as far as I can remember, this was probably the first show that introduced the general “action” genre into my life among other “first” things… such as also being my first tokusatsu show and RX being my first childhood “hero”.  I explicitly remember watching just one episode (Chinese dubbed I think?) of it in China when I was either 4-5 years old and was immediately captured by the sheer awesomeness that was “HENSHIN” and kicking monster butts… after that, I started imitating the character for awhile. This was years before I knew what “Power Ranger” is. Every now and then, my grandma would make me figures of RX with some sort of clay… good times, good times…

For those who lives in the US, remember Masked Rider? I was all too ecstatic to finally be able to watch it on TV when it was first announced (1995!). I would be nagging at my mom to buy me RX’s figures whenever we go to Chinatown (NYC) ^^;. Funny thing about this American adaption is that I absolutely can’t remember a single thing (can’t even recall a single fight scene) even though I would watch it every week ^^;.

Fast forward to present time… I was just overwhelmed with nostalgia when I was watching this episode of Kamen Rider Decade. Amazing how Minami Koutaro still have his signature white outfit even after 20 years! And that’s some excessive hand motions for a henshin O_O. Anyway, I’m just glad that I can relive one of my first childhood memories that shaped some part of me into what I am today haha.


11 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Black RX

  1. I also watched this when I was a kid. It was Tagalized (tagalod dubbed) only named Mask Rider Black,, funny thing is cant remember a single episode of this,, only he also has a personalized kawasaki style black motorcycle.

  2. Black RX is the first KR series that I’ve watched since I was very young. My favorite KR series of all time. You’ve got to love how the series inspires other new generation of KR series; form changes, alternative vehicles (beside a bike), specialized power attack/finisher and more.

    As for Saban’s Masked Rider, it didn’t exist.

  3. yea… Rider Black RX is my childhood memories too… I love how he can switch between 3 forms… I like the blue form that flies around like water the best.

  4. I still find it very ironic that as a kid I was actually too scared to watched the local dub of Black RX (which ended up making Kuuga my first KR)

    Black & Black RX definitely have the most complex and coolest henshin pose. Too bad nowadays Kamen Riders henshin pose focused more on toy campaign rather than actual poses (Goddamnit Accel, at least pose before inserting that memory).

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