Tamashii Stage Act 3

An essential if you want to expand the playability of your SH Figuarts, Robot Damashii, SIC or whatever figures you have. Heck, it can even work with Gundam models if you can balance it right.

Functions just like an Action Base except that you don’t have to assemble it like a gunpla. Each box comes with three so that’s very thoughtful of Bandai. Price isn’t all that much either since one pack can be had for $15-20.

A lot of parts to put together or swap around though.

Takes no longer than 10 seconds to put one together.

Two types of holder: flat one which I think is more for RD/mech figures? Just guessing since it wasn’t really able to grip onto SH Figuarts.

The only parts you have to cut out and clean the nub marks for. These holders are for the human figures.

The curved grips is more ideal for gripping human figures.

Very nice fit.

The stage can also lift the figure very high as well. There is a slightly shorter rod that you can swap the upper one with for a better balance.

The shorter upper arm. The joints aren’t exactly what I call strong; the weight of the figure can just make the arm come crashing down if the balance is even just a little off. If balance is really off, then the rods might separate since they are only connected by a single large peg.

There is also one to allow your figure to stand… which I think is a bit pointless because SH Figuarts can stand well enough by itself ^^;.

Up to three arms can be connected onto one base… but then you wouldn’t have any arms left for the other two bases.

Like I said, the Tamashii Stage is essential if you want to expand the play a bit. How else are you going to efficiently do a double Rider Kick?

25 thoughts on “Tamashii Stage Act 3

    1. You can stick a master grade on it if the clamps can hold it and if you can balance it well enough. Most of the work is in the balancing.

  1. If there’s one thing that I hate about Tamashii stage is that is that it seems to be quite are rare items to find near my place. I was able to find one on a shop once, but it was sold-out the next day. I would buy it online, but I don’t have the privilege to do so. T_T

  2. are these the same ones you used on the master grade astray blue frame? the one where it’s holding the tactical arms?

  3. I got the exact same thing…except I really don’t use it much…I only made use of 1/3 of the bases…and it was only for my RD Shinkiro.

    While these are nice and space-efficient compared to the Gunpla action bases, I still prefer the AC’s because they offer more stability…and I often need more than one arm to hold up a heavier model like a MG or say, a HG 00 Raiser with the Raiser Sword. >.>

  4. Since this topic reminds me of my recent Gunpla and RDs I got from the mail (and not being able to getting to most of them anytime soon), I’ll shove the digressions below and cut to the chase.

    I’ve just got my rare RD Turn A (MB edition), but have yet to open it and don’t think I will, so I’ve also ordered the regular Turn A plus the MB Parts (which looks like it comes with the stand, if E-Bay pictures are any indication). So I have this question about stands like this: Can it hold a GFF Wing? I know there are other GFFs that aren’t so back heavy, but Wing is my only GFF, so I’m asking about that.

    I’d also like to see what 1/144 models it can hold, but I guess I can wait until my next package comes in to test that out. Doesn’t snuff out my curiosity, though; I’m trying to imagine my 1/144 TAG models (assembled or otherwise, and only my TAG is assembled) can use the stand, or if an HGUC 1/144 Zeta Gundam can (which–when it comes to 1/144s–I’d like to get in the future).

    Given how circumstances in my life goes in a rapid turn for the crappy for Gunpla-building (I’ve still yet to touch the runners of my Kapool, and don’t know if I can, so getting to my first MG will seem like a pipe dream), I’m at least hitting myself over the head on not getting the limited MB “Turn A vs. Turn X” set (which I still think I can get, but won’t bother right now), even though I still wouldn’t open it. But the next best thing–just the limited Turn A–I got as my first RD. My second–as I mentioned before–is the non-limited version (I also ordered the MB parts for it) of Turn A. I can imagine my yet-to-be-received RD Turn A on the stand, welding my EMSiA RX-78’s Gundam and Hyper Hammers as if it were in the sky grappling MSs with ’em.

    I fear I’m having a TAG-burnout soon, though, given how I got the rest of the 1/144s as well as a limited RD, and will get the normal version of. Since I still have something left in my expanded budget (and even more if I decided not to keep half of it), I might still grab MG Turn A and have it as my first. *shrug*

    1. I’ll get back to you on the GFF thing… I don’t doubt it could since it is just as smalll. I probably just need to switch out the clamps to the flat ones and it should do the trick… I think.

      1. I tend to be long-winded, and I already typed and typed and typed, but I guess I’ll just make an exception and answer my own question, now that my package came in.

        My similar stand (that the Moonlight Butterfly parts I ordered came with) has the rounded “holder” parts and a few others (plus the connection for the MB part), and fit Turn A like a glove, sturdy enough to hold it up, but has some weight problems that definately showed when my GFF Wing sank like a rock. The stand disconnected in half, but didn’t break. My stand isn’t the Tamashii Stage Act 3, but I doubt it can hold most (if not all) GFFs. *shrug*

        For reference, let me point to a website’s gallery of photos of the MB parts I’ve ordered (and also featured the figures of the limited “Turn A vs. Turn X” RD set, which I could, but didn’t get, but since I just got Turn A it’s not a huge loss):


        That’s the stand I’m using.

  5. I have this thing… very cool and very useful… worth every cents you pay for it… a must have for collectors who love to do action pose with their figures/GunPla….

  6. I prefer di:stages instead. The arms are alot shorter but you can combine the di:stages and make something really creative out of them. Plus it works on my Figmas as well. ^ ^

  7. Can this sort of stands hold the HG 1/144 Gundams? I am looking for stands like this but then i’m afraid that this won’t work and i would have to waste the money……

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