The Obvious

The current MG Deathscythe is designed with the EW Ver. in mind?! Really?! No way! Who would’ve thought that!

Sourced from Ngee Khiong.


30 thoughts on “The Obvious

  1. If you look at the rest of the post, it shows the possibility of the next Gundam Wing MG models coming soon and from the looks of it, Wing Zero Ka. is shown right beside them – from my perspective Deathscythe EW along with the other Gundams in the series are going to be remade to fit in the same looks/styles as Wing Zero Ka. to complete an entire set. – but I’ll be pretty stoked if these models are hinting that they will be in the upcoming continuation of the story

  2. Seems kind of unessesary to have Deathscythe KA anyways. To be fair Deathscythe seems uncessesary considering we don’t have MG Epyon or Wing Zero,

  3. They’re all Katoki’s designs, so having them sharing the same frames is 1) logical in terms of design (i.e. why having a whole new inner frame when it’s the same MS but upgraded etc) , 2) saves cost, 3) satisfies fans who wants either retcon or the OVA version.

    1. The frame the Deathscythe EW is using, as will any other Gundam Wing gundams is the XXX-G frame that started with the MG Wing TV version. Oddly enough, that seems to imply the TV designs if released would also utilize this new generic frame.

  4. Once again, I’ll have to vote with my wallet and skip this Ver Ka of the Deathscythe and go for the Custom when it comes out. The way Bandai cheated their way out of a proper TV and OVA two shot releases this time is pretty despicable, even for them.

    1. I’m not sure how popular Okawara’s GW Gundams are in comparison to Katoki’s, but if Okawara’s was more popular, then I’m sure they’d be getting the MG treatment instead. I think–for GW designs getting the MG treatment–Katoki’s are generally more considered, with Okawara’s Wing Gundam being the exception; it was a bone to throw for the 15th anniversary of Gundam W (much like The O and Z’s 25th).

      While I like designs of both Okawara’s and Katoki’s, I’ve been a big fan of Katoki’s redesigns of the GW Gundams (whether it be of the early Gundams or the later ones that got to be animated in EW). I never thought that there would be anything for those redesigns in the MG line-up aside from a bone to throw for Katoki and his “ver. Ka” line. In fact, I thought the last bone to throw in that regard–fanart aside–was the MG Wing Gundam ver. Ka, with the B-Club conversion parts (rare as they are) and GFF Wing being the other bones. Seeing as these sleeker redesigns of the early GW Gundams are finally getting the MG treatment, it got me excited.

      So, while I understand not many people here are excited because they prefer the later redesigned Gundams because they got to be in EW and animated, I personally am, and no matter how much people here comment about how stupid it is, given that Bandai is a business and Wing ver. Ka doesn’t seem to be an unpopular MG, I believe there will likely be a warm reception to these future MGs in Japan, and therefore more profit for Bandai.

      Besides, given that–in the GW story–that the origin of the AC-era mobile suits is the Tallgeese, and that the scientists built it as they did the Gundams, shouldn’t the person who designed the Tallgeese for the anime (Hajime Katoki in this case) also design the Gundams for the sake of consistency? I know it didn’t get to be that way when they made the anime, but I’m just asking academically.

      1. Multiple or guest mecha designers for a series have been the norm since Zeta Gundam. Katoki designed the non-Gundam MS in Wing, but Okawara was probably assigned the Gundams to prop up Wing’s credibility with otaku. After that, they gave Katoki free reign for EW. I like the original designs, but compared to Katoki’s sleeker versions, they’re a little too busy and colorful for my taste.

  5. For those of you that don’t know, but in one of the late Hobby magazines in Japan, MG Wing Zero is going to be produced soon – and I have to say the articulations of the model have been improve drastically just like how MG Wing Gundam was made

    1. Can you reference it? I recall a fan-made MG Wing Zero from the new MG Wing Gundam model, and previous ones from the older MG Wing models (ver. Ka and/or Zero Custom), but no news of an actual one. The last actual news I recall was a rumor due to a picture of four “prototype” MG covers that had Wing Zero (and Wing Gundam in MA/Bird mode) that turned out to be examples of how the MG Wing Gundam cover would be approached, rather than it being for an actual MG Wing Zero.

      1. I’ll try to find some scans of it online, otherwise I’ll head to the hobby store near me and take pictures of the magazine

        1. I’ve seen that issue before. It’s a custom job based on MG Wing Gundam, as I mentioned. I also refer to Ngee Khiong’s website:

          MG Wing Zero Custom – Feature Gunpla work modified from MG Wing Gundam.

          The only thing worth nitpicking about that title over the picture in that blog entry is the “custom” title since “Wing Zero Custom” generally refers to Katoki’s redesigned Wing Zero and not Okawara’s original, but it was never featured as a product in development then. The rumors about an MG Wing Zero based on some box designs came out in May, but was proven untrue not long after.

            1. Okay, then I–at the very least–stand corrected on that, but at least I got the part of it not being a future MG right.

  6. I was sad enough though, to see Okawara’s Deathscythe overlooked. So probably they preferred releasing Katoki-version of the Wing series Gundams then wait for like 4 to 6 years before they release the Okawara TV version.


  7. Hm. I think I’m gonna wait for the Custom version, after all. From the looks of things, it’s highly likely there will be one in the future.

    If an Okawara version of the original Deathscythe does come out, so much the better. I can’t see why Bandai would skip the opportunity to release FOUR different sets of the Gundam Wing mecha:

    1 – Okawara Season 1 Designs (I believe Sandrock Kai and Heavyarms Kai would have their respective season 2 upgrades in the same kit, given the minor add-ons).

    2 – Katoki Designs (Ver. EW)

    3 – Okawara Season 2 Designs (Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell & Altron only)

    4 – The Endless Waltz Gundams

    But since The Katoki versions of Heavyarms, Sandrock and Shenlong look more like Okawara’s than his Wing or Deathscythe does, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bandai released the Ver. Ka. designs of those first, if ever.

    1. Well, first off, while they are different in aspects here and there (some being radical changes), how are they also not similar to the original Okawara designs?

      Second, perhaps with the exception of the bone thrown for Wing’s fifteenth anniversary (MG Wing), maybe Okawara’s designs aren’t as popular and therefore less profitable? Plus, it looks easier to convert Katoki’s redesigns of the early GW Gundams into the EW ones than converting Okawara’s (with Heavyarms and Sandrock being exceptions), since he made the early and EW designs very similar to begin with. I can’t tell how many times I’ve read the only difference in Katoki’s Wing ver. Ka and Zero Custom designs are the wings, color scheme, and weaponry/accessories.

  8. umm, I don’t know if this will be a shock to everyone but – did anyone remember this picture way back then when Gundam Wing Endless Waltz was first announced? I’ve seen this picture for the longest time ever – To me this could raise the curtains on this whole Deathscythe EW version

    1. Yea I’ve seen that picture before like almost ten years ago. This post was merely poking fun at the fact that Bandai felt they needed to point out the most obvious thing about the Deathscythe Ver. Ka. I pretty much figured they would be aiming for a MG Deathscythe Hell Kai the moment we saw confirmation of Deathscythe’s MG design. It’s all too obvious. And obviously… this is all good news ;D

  9. I do like the Ver. Ka versions of the original Okawara’s designs (which later transcripted into a remake for the Endless Waltz).
    I like the Endless Waltz versions as well, but I get the feeling it’s not as colorful as the original Ver. Ka…
    SandRock and HeavyArms look the same but different color schemes, and Death Scythe is missing those wings and has an additional “shield.” Wing Zero… We can continue to debate about which version’s better (Angel wings + Two busters vs. Colorful robotic wings + a buster and a shield) And Nataku… The Ver. Ka wins over the Endless Waltz version for me. Simply love the dragon claw far better than the snake ones from Endless Waltz.

  10. All righty everyone, let’s clear some things up here:

    Gundam designs in Gundam Wing TV series=TV or Okawara version, or there is no descriptive note (e.g. the name Wing Gundam alone is assumed to refer to the TV design)

    Gundam designs in Endless Waltz=OVA, EW, or Katoki version

    The Wing Zero, Sandrock Kai, HeavyArms Kai, Deathscythe Hell, and Altron in the movie have the word “Custom” attached to their product names.

    Kai is a symbol attached to indicate there is some difference between it and the original design. Translated into English it’s usually seen as “Upgrade” The upgrades for Heavyarms and Sandrock of course are more verniers to move around in space and some additional firepower.

    For Heavyarms Kai and Sandrock Kai, this refers to their space configuration. The Kai symbol is dropped on the products so all you see are Heavyarms Custom and Sandrock Custom.

    ver Ka != Kai

    The ver Ka while originally a designation to refer to a design done by Katoki, there is also a sub-product category within the MG line called ver Ka, which consists of poducts spearheaded by Hajime Katoki.

    The Deathscythe coming out is referred to as the “MG Deathscythe ver EW”, denoting that the Deathscythe is done in the Endless Waltz style. It is not a “MG ver ka” since Katoki is not in charge of the project and would be confusing for retailers to categorize and sell since it will not come in that classy white box with stereotyped Katoki pose.

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