Double Team

“So… I heard you got pwned by an astray runner…” *snickers*

“… shut up.”

“Hey, if you let me out, I can… no, WE can take down Red Frame. Two is better than one right? Didn’t grandmother said this, ‘Kamen Riders are comrades!’?”

“… No, she didn’t. But whatever… I’ll let you out. We’ll work together!”

“Thanks… I.. I mean, WE owe you one…!!!”

“…we?” *SMASH!*

“I call this… no, WE call this… W CROSSING”

“As expected of you, Shotaro. That was a rather half-boiled move… Shut up, Phillip. It’s almost time for our review!”

11 thoughts on “Double Team

  1. Poor Kabuto, first was used up runner tree, now a fellow Rider… Tsk-tsk-tsk…

    Ryoma: Oi, Kouji. Maybe I should do that to you more often…
    Kouji: WHA*BWAAAAMP~!* X_x

  2. He picked them up a bit ago.

    Get hype! I’m close to getting a handful more figuarts as well, since Zeba arrives soon. Probably going to go with Riders 1, 2 and V3 even though they’re not out until November.

  3. Poor Kabuto, he’s been pwned left and right now. XD

    Heat Metal, thought of getting that before (SHF) but I guess I’ll jump in for the MGF one. ^^

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