Kamen Rider 555

(SPOILERS ALERT?)I’ve just finished this infomercial series earlier last week (still need to watch the movie); decided to watch it since a few of you seem to be fond of it and recommended it ^^. Kamen Rider 555, or “Faiz” (Five’s… sounds better than 000/Oh’s), left me yearning for a sequel of some sort. Not that I find this series particularly enjoyable, but because the ending was rather… inconclusive; even with 50 episodes, the last few episodes felt a bit rushed and we’re left with a plot that is certainly set up for a continuation.

Catchy theme- the end justi-∅’s the means! Being a slightly older Heisei series, the picture of the series does look a bit “raw” (think soap opera) and it contrasts highly with the special effect used but it’s easy to get used to. I won’t dwell into the plot and all that (that’s what the wiki page is for), but I must say… this series is a bit dark with a “live on!” theme. While there is some lighthearted moments here and there, it is usually followed by a grim turn of events, leaving the affected characters in despair, angst, depression and whatnot. It’s a bit of a messed up show actually ^^;.

Clip of Faiz’s finishing moves. Gotta love his Accel form. His “cellphone” sure has a smooth talking voice haha. “Set your eyes on the next Faiz”…

Your thoughts on Faiz?


11 thoughts on “Kamen Rider 555

  1. my thought for Faiz, well I like the design. The best of all Kamen Rider, so futuristics I could say.

    for the story, I only watch the movie and I like the conflict, the new humans and old humans.

  2. Faiz is a great series, the only downside is the ending

    btw, the guy in that video forgot to include faiz accel’s kick in episode 45, that was really badass

  3. Faiz was my first rider show, Love it to death even tough I know it’s flaws.

    Also Z will you be getting the september SH figuart release of him?

  4. Faiz?
    I like Kaido’s (snake orphenoch) episode when he plays guitar for the last time, great play!

    I like first half of the series’s pun,esp when takumi-tachi is searching kusaka masato in his school ^^

    I like Faiz and Kaixa battle stance & their finishing stance, really cool!

    But i must agree, this show is not for child anymore, too dark. There aren’t black and white anymore, everybody has their own reason, not all monster’s bad, i first found it in KR series in this faiz.

    Accel & Blaster form are godlike! ^^

  5. I love the series, can’t say the same about the ending though. I really love the idea of Faiz uses a modern-tech gear and weaponry instead of magically-summoned belt and weapons. This also make the toy version of Faiz belt and accessories the most sought after one ever. You’ve got to love the play value that it has to offer.

    Between all of the form that Faiz have, I prefer the Accel form over the standard form and the Blaster from. I mean come on, how many kaijins have Faiz killed within 10 sec?

    1. Yeah, I also like the gear technology of Faiz, even the bad guy change into Faiz when they get their hands on the belt.
      First time I’ve seen on a KR series that your average monster can henshin into the titular kamen rider :LOL XD

  6. Great series, but the ending was a bit rushed. I didn’t really get a sense of closure from it either.

    I highly suggest checking out the movie though. The visual quality is much better and the fact that it takes the basic premise of Faiz and flips it on its head makes for a really story.

  7. Faiz Axel form’s Rider Kick just beats any Rider’s ass…
    Crimson smash from left and right, up and… well technically up only. But still, it surrounds the bastard’s face :O

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