10 Sec. Review! SIC極魂 Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form! 

*Flicks wrist* Here’s a review of one of my first SIC Kiwami Tamashii KR figures- Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form, my favorite Faiz form ^^. Here is why:

Badass, right? :D

Anyway, I’m sure most, if not all, of you noticed the poll on the right sidebar by now. The numbers seem to show almost a split interest ^^;. I know I’ve been cramming a lot of KR stuff here lately as it’s the only thing that I have a bit of time for. Of course, this is only temporary as once summer school is done with (by the end of next week), it’s back to Gunpla. Besides statistical feedback, how about some verbal feedback as well in the form of comments? Just let me know what you think about this direction. The poll just gives me a vague idea on how I should balance the contents between Gundam and KR stuff.  So yea… feedbacks are much appreciated. As always, thanks for sticking around here ^^.


15 thoughts on “10 Sec. Review! SIC極魂 Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form! 

  1. I say you should do 50/50, I’m a mecha fan and I love both rider and gundam stuff and I’ve been collecting both sides of merch for ages.

    So to me, it’s both entertaining and informative to see your reviews of items I pandered on buying but didn’t.
    like the sic Kiwami Tamashii line.

  2. As much as I like kamen rider this is blog is called ‘gunpla inochi’, therefore this blog should really have only gundam related stuff. Then again, I guess a few unrelated items every now and then is okay…

  3. Its Z site blog whatever they call them nowadays. he can do what ever he wont’s. me iv just started to get intrested in Kamen rider. so this it cool with me even if i dint like Kamen rider. i would still be cool with it. LOL

  4. Kamen Rider stuff sure is awesome, but I still say more Gunpla. (60% Gunpla, 40% Kamen & etc.)

    Heck, the focus of this blog is still Gunpla building, right? I do agree that a break from Gunpla and a little bit of figure fun is nice, though. After all, cutting plastic out all the time can get tiring and annoying. xDD

  5. O.o I think you should start buying those toy KR belts that do the sequencing sounds. I remember I had one when I was a kid, and it’s like RIDER KICK! and I’d scream out “RIDER KICK” and kick something. Usually a little piece of garbage that I imagine is a bug.

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