Grass Jelly

I’ve been drinking this stuff too much lately. Probably not a good idea…


23 thoughts on “Grass Jelly

  1. I hate how you can’t get the last bit of jelly out of the can when you finish the liquid…

    Otherwise I’d drink this stuff a lot more. Been drinking a lot of Wong Lo Kat lately, if you know what that is :P

    1. woah… wong lo kat… I knew that name sounded familiar… I haven’t had one in like almost ten years! They were the best! I grew up on them haha..

  2. yummy that’s is a local drink here, i make a potful of it when summer is near. and it’s really good for your health.

  3. yum! I totally cheat. I open it from the bottom with a can opener and pour 2 cans in a tall glass. once the juice runs low, its time to chug to get all the jelly out without issues. YUM. crap, now I want some.

  4. I think I’m one of the very people that cannot stand the taste of them. The very second it touches my taste buds, I have the urging feeling to throw up due to it’s “bitter” taste… well, at least it tastes bitter to me…

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