Kamen Rider Den-O

While still a profit propaganda for Bandai, Kamen Rider Den-O (literally “Electric King”) is one hotblooded and entertaining tokusatsu infomercial to just sit back and enjoy without much thoughts. Compared to 555, Den-O is very much a kids show- half the lines consist of the same catchphrases, slapstick humor and bright, colorful costumes. Still, this has become one of my favorite series so far. To sum up the story, it’s basically about a very unlucky guy who develops split personality disorder (ranging from smooth talker to a punk) and fight imaginary monsters through time by means of a motorcycle-powered train… all the while drinking artificial pink and blue-colored coffee as their only diet. One unique aspect of this series is that the main protagonist, Nogami Ryoutaro, is a very weak KR (possibly the weakest) by himself until one of his personalities kick in; the main monster-bashing KR is also an imaginary monster.

From beginning to end, the show is at a climax.

I think there needs to be more Rider Kicks though. Kamen Rider or not, I think this is a good series to recommend just for fun ^^. いいじゃん!いいじゃん!すげーじゃん!