Ore no Review, Sanjou!

“ORE, SANJOU!…Heh, I can’t let that kid Z do whatever he wants with MY SIC Kiwami review so I took over! He has no sense! I should be the star of my own review anyway! You better take a good look! But let me warn you… FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END, MY REVIEW IS AT A CLIMAX!!!”


12 thoughts on “Ore no Review, Sanjou!

  1. Well, I liked and got used to the blue… But then again, I do remember before you changed the name and style of this weblog (back in the “Home Look” days), you did change color schemes left and right and added snow for Christmas. When you look at it that way, it feels a little nostalgic. Yes, it’s possible to feel nostalgia about something two years back. :P

  2. i’m really liking this new red theme!
    matches that new kamen rider nicely
    i don’t know much about kamen rider, at first i thought it was a mix of powerrangers and ultraman,, but i think these guy makem look like rambo!
    should i get the mg figurerise versions if i get them at all?
    also which brand of spraypaint would you reccomend best?
    im considering rustoleum but you know alot, which brand is best and where is the best place to buy?

    1. wow… sorry but I don’t think I have an answer to any of your questions because 1. i don’t have any MG Figure-rise and 2. I haven’t used any spraypaints yet on my models, and 3. You should ask Lupes or BB over at Plamo-addiction (they are both on my blog roll). They can take care of you in those categories ^^;.

  3. Gunpla-Inochi, sword form! ORE SANJOU!!! xD. Man, come to think of it, I can’t even remember what your blog looked like before… I think it was… yellow kinda? Or maybe that’s from your avatar….

    1. Seems like because of time constraints, the same thing happened to me -halting gunpla projects… T.T Z’s postings are getting kamenriderized. My blog posts are also now pretty much outside of gunpla stuff… >.<

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