Back to Gundam: Tactical Arms Complete

I have a feeling that if I make one more consecutive Kamen Rider post, a colony might drop on this blog soOo… Let’s go back to the roots! I finally mustered a couple of free hours and finished this thing that should’ve been done two months ago ^^;. All that is left is the Gerbera Straight/Tiger Pierce, do the decals, and bathe it in top coat. Man… the TA is as blunt of a sword as you can get…

The thing is literally tacked on… but at least if you tilt it enough then it can actually function as a stand so it won’t be stop heavy. Then again… I wouldn’t need this thing if I can find the 1/100 backpack *sigh*. I know there haven’t been a single Gunpla review in over 9(000!!!!) weeks but bare with me for just a tad bit longer please; it’s my last week of summer school =). For the time being, I’ll continue to spam you with Kamen Rider… but before that, I’ll review something else first.

28 thoughts on “Back to Gundam: Tactical Arms Complete

  1. yeah its big.. kinda useless in my opinion for Lowe, cause he is already kick ass with 2 katanas on his hands

  2. You know what’s better than the MG Astray Red Frame? The PG Astray Red Frame!! Can’t wait till you get started on that one! I wanna buy the PG too but no luck so far locating a set with the bonus parts !

    1. They’re probably like half the cost of the PG Red Frame itself now. And you get
      1) Clear parts you probably won’t use.
      2) Extra rifle that you won’t use.
      3) Extra shield that you won’t use.
      4) Extra sword that you will use.

      Just get the Red Frame itself. It’s really good. They say that MGs are becoming more and more like PGs, but a PG’s mere presence overshadows everything else. AND there’s still all those parts that aren’t supposed to move but do! (no, not like Unicorn)

      1. Haha yea, I actually just want that extra katana and clear chest parts, the Red Frame is already my favorite of MGs, but the PG is just so so very much more awesome :)

        1. I don’t own the MG, so I can’t say for sure how they compare, but there are definitely a lot more moving parts per square..err..Gundam than any MG I’ve built. AND THE PARTS COUNT :O

          Forget the bonus set. Get it anyways. It looks cool just standing there.

  3. So in the end you never found the old 1/100 backpack… too bad man, that little add on makes this MG look much better. Classic Red Frame > any other variation, although I gotta admit posing this model with the bigass sword in the arrow form is really cool.

  4. ->phones to an EFSF general:”ok you’ve heard him… he’s turning back to gundams… now cancel that colony drop…”

      1. urgh, that is… what happened if you’re trying to amp up toy sales without much planning (;=_=)a
        may such horrendous thing never appears anymore in Kamen Rider worlds.

  5. I dunno…sure, we’re used to seeing the Tactical Arms on the Blue Frame, but Lowe built the thing, after all. He deserves to use it for a bit. The last time he did, it was just for a little while in the final battle with the Gold Frame Amatsu.

    If Lowe is to be considered the MacGyver of Gundam, the Tactical Arms is his Swiss Army Knife.

    Some thoughts:
    – Is this considered a step back as far as upgrades go? The TA in lieu of the 150-Meter Gerbera Straight? When I first heard of the MG Red Frame Kai, I was hoping for the Powered armor version…sans the slim possibility of a 5-foot 1/100 MG katana.

    – I think the way the Beam Torch attaches to the TA as a sword handle is really awkward-looking. Fortunately, the parts to make the Blue Frame version of the Sword Form is included (as leftover parts), so you could build that and ditch the sucky rifle.

    – The gatling parts are also leftover, so you could also make the Gatling Form (minus the ammo packs) if you so choose.

    – Even the Sword Arms Form is possible, but you’ll have to borrow the beam effect parts from Blue Frame (or order spares from Bandai).

    – It is not possible to make a complete pair of Armor Schneider bladed feet due to there not being enough parts in this kit. Again, you could probably order the spare parts to do so from the Blue Frame order form and just paint the foot covers red.

    Imagine that: an MG Red Frame with 4 Armor Schneiders (in the feet), 2 katanas, and a Tactical Arms in Sword Form = Gundam Red Frame Astray Seven Swords for the win ^_^

    1. That’s a really thorough list of all the possible “extras” you can do with the Red Frame.

      I would love for Bandai to include a 1/100 150 m Gerbera Straight though…

  6. Looks pretty bad ass lol.

    Actually I’m wondering which kit do you guys think is better this one or the MG Blue Frame Second Revise? I’m sure both have their own pros and cons but if I could only get one of the two, which one would you guys recommend?

    Thanks XD

    1. Obviously this one. And that’s the reason why it was released after the blue frame was.
      Bandai knew that it wouldn’t sell as many Blues if the Red was released first.
      If there’s any doubt: 2 giant silver plated katanas > 6 black armour schneiders and pink beam effects (Also the Red come with all the schneiders and the beam tonfas looks really lame)

      I am the proof that Bandai marketing working effectively: I got both frames x(

      1. indeed lol, we’re all just pawns to bandai’s money making schemes…like milking the 00 Raiser 913481304810348 times making like a zillion incarnations in the same line XD how many HG 00’s are there now? I lost count lol.

        That being said I’m also considering building my first PG gundam soon, any advice on which one to get?

  7. hey you have the blue frame mine came with a couple back pack things you could put one on the red frame i did and didnt look too bad but of course theres no beam sabers so not perfect

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