Gundam Kabuto

“Grandma said this, ‘there is a Kamen Rider in every Gundam, and there is a Gundam in every Kamen Rider’… so what do you say I join you guys as a Gundam? I’ll be GUNDAM KABUTO!”

“… …no”

“WHY NOT?! Look! I got the V-fin! my own series! the obligatory mid-season upgrade! the plot armor! And most importantly… I help Bandai profit just as much from toys!”

“One, you’re not a Gundam. Two, you’re not a Gundam. Three, you’re not a ****ing Gundam. And lastly… you’re missing the chin!”

“…” “…”                                          …                                                                                  “… …What?”


20 thoughts on “Gundam Kabuto

  1. At least the Turn X has a Gundam face underneath its “mask”, according to some forgotten magazine. Meanwhile the most powerful Gundam…

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