Piercing the Heavens Ver. Ka Style!

Oh hey! A mecha review for once! No way! But yea… it’s the Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann. The Lancelot Ver. Ka left me with a really bitter aftertaste so I was really afraid that this one might also be a comPOSite figure as well (this was already being shipped to me when I was reviewing the Lancelot)… but turns out, it’s actually decent. I still don’t think any better of this line-up though…

6 thoughts on “Piercing the Heavens Ver. Ka Style!

      1. “…It’ll only make you a better man.”

        I lol’d +1.

        On a side note, this may be totally off topic but if you could get a PG model which would you get? (I know you got the strike already though lol) but if you could only get one which would it be?

  1. it doesn’t necessarily make you a “better man”, though it will make you realize how precious time really is (towards the end at least). it makes you want to do something “important” in your life before you kick the bucket… basically make the most of your life, at least that’s how I see it lol

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