Kamen Rider Agito

It’s back to the usual helping of Kamen Rider stuff ^^. After finishing 555, I jumped into Agito without knowing a single thing about it. I’m halfway through now and quite enjoying it. It feels like a series that is back to the basics (well, it IS the second Heisei series following Kuuga) in (very good) storytelling, and fighting actions.However,  Agito is the first to feature more than one Kamen Rider and robocop (seriously…). Monster violence is quite brutal compared to the other series I’ve seen so far (555, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, W) as they have some pretty messed up way of killing people such as embedding them into trees, concrete, or just simply dropping them from sky high. I really like the fighting so far in this series; when someone gets hit, there aren’t sparks flying everywhere. There aren’t any special effects for attacks… even the Rider Kick is just a simple jump kick that causes the monster to explode. Best of all, there aren’t a crapload of those silly toy-like weapon toys that later KR series are stuffed with. Heck, there isn’t even any witty catchphrases! Just good old punches and kicks, with the occasional sword/lance wielding. This is bound to go down as one of my favorite KR series ^^.

Well… I watched the OP before actually starting on the series and thought “wow…KRs racing around Twin Ring Motegi. This is gonna be awesome!”… but no races so far =(

Simple, effective, cool and badass. That’s how a Rider Kick should be!

One last incentive to watch Agito- Rina Akiyama. Too bad you don’t see her like that in Agito (not to mention she was jail bait during that time…) but… she’s cute =)

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13 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Agito

  1. haha, I also watched Agito after I watched Den-O and Kiva, and I was like:
    “This was made by the same studio? Good God did something struck them some time later!?” ;^^

    I liked the darker theme of Agito. Too bad it doesn’t seem like TOEI can pull it now since current Kamen Rider is quite geared toward little kids.

  2. Figured it’d be easier to reply here than my own blog since you’d see this first. *thumbsup.jpg*

    http://scs-works.blogspot.com/search/label/Kuuga has the first twelve episodes of Kuuga subbed, and then http://midnightcrewsubs.blogspot.com/ is doing the rest. They’re close to being done and man, what an amazing series.

    Glad you like Yokatta. ;) They’re very great to do business with and are my first stop for any exclusive things Bandai happens to announce.

    1. Kuuga had great things going for it, but too bad that the action isn’t much. I still love the series, but Ultimate Kuuga had so little screen time. So I was really happy when I saw him in Decade (though he was weakened to the point of WTF).

      1. Z: No prob, enjoy!

        Flawless: Kuuga in Decade isn’t good at all :( As far as the fights in Kuuga go though, I think they were really well choreographed compared to some other shows out there. I wish Amazing Mighty and Ultimate had more screen time too, but in the context of the show it’s understandable that they didn’t show up much.

  3. Oshirina’s in Agito, too? Awesome! I started watching Den-O because of her (as well as your “review” of it), so Agito is definately my next once I’ve finished Den-O and W.

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