*Turns on communication screen* “KU-KU-KU-KUUGA! What are you doing there?!”

“Hanging out with my new girlfriend of course! *Thumbs up* “Your granny said this,’Tendon Shoji, your cooking is terrible!”

“The name is Tendou Souj! And only my grandma gets to say that! Wait… What?! KU-KU-KU-KUUGA! Come back at once! We have a blog to take over!”*Walks away*

“ahhhh… guess it can’t be help…”




9 thoughts on “Preparations

    1. The Kabuto mockery continues XD

      This is just a thought but judging from the lines, I THINK Z’s next review might be the SHF Kuuga (Ultimate Form)…?

      This post is heavy with kamen rider references but they are very subtle so you gotta know that stuff to actually see what’s going on i guess :x

  1. though i’m not sure about it, but whenever kamen rider decade ‘transforms/uses final attacks’, his belt will always utter: KAMEN RAIDO (RIDER)/FINAL FORM RAIDO, De-De-Decade! Ku-Ku-Kuuga, Fa-Fa-Faiz, B-B-B-Blade, and so on :)

    maybe Decade is next, though honestly i don’t get the 4koma too :)

      1. ya… i want them so bad it seems pointless to say it has EW in mind and not add the wings. i mean what else saw dif about it other than the wings?

  2. Heh… I knew this one would be a miss but worth a try anyway. Yes, it is very KR-heavy in references with one relating to Fireball and another a jab at a certain blog. And I just realized I left out a word on the last image (which I insert back in… so hopefully it makes more sense now). The hardest part to pick up is probably from Kuuga; in the first image, kuuga has red eyes (“good natured”), and in the last he has black eyes (“evil”). Yes, while it’s not funny… I needed to make this one to continue this “toy story”-esque line (all past 4komas since “Beginning” are chronologically related) ^^;.

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