HG 00 Movie Gundams

Hmm… considered my interest piqued. My overall reactions for the new Gundam 00 Gundams (Gundam 00 Gundams…) have range from “meh”, “bleh”, to “blah…”. However, this is my first time taking a good hard look at Harute and my… I like it! Though I must say that it really doesn’t look like a Gundam…

Oh Zanbanya will be VERY stable at standing thanks to those “fence” supporting it. Hmm… I can see some somewhat creative posing using them as a little display stand too if the joints are strong enough. Of course, there’s also a chance that it can’t do anything if the fences are restricting movement.

Hmm… I said this in an old post before, and I’ll say it again here- Physics dictates that Raphael will topple over trying to pose on the ground. You can tell in the photo that it has to stand that way to support the weight of that giant block of plastic.

All three are coming out soon and I think the only one I care about so far is Harute. However, I’m gonna wait and watch the movie first and see if they will get any GNHWWEWTF add-ons in the movie so I know whether to wait for that or not ;)

Images from Ngee Khiong


37 thoughts on “HG 00 Movie Gundams

  1. I already have the 00 Qan [T] on its way to me, might also consider getting the Harute but first I want to see some quick reviews of it and see its gimmicks, because for now, that giant backpack that hangs from its ass in mobile suit mode is not cool at all,

  2. Harute is growing on me a lot. 00[Q] is still sorta “meh” and the rest are sorta “derr…” Though I like how both the orange and the Green one get dualies. :D

  3. I’m somewhat questioning Harute, as that jumbo backpack is a sorta turnoff
    the gundam alone looks nice, that im sure of, but then once you add the backpack and weapons, it looks like alots goin on…
    Zabanya looks pretty cool, maybe you could raise the gn picket fence and angle them and look like hi-nu wings?
    as for Raphael, I bet that funky backpack is going for that seravee 3g/s look, with several gundams stuck to its back
    I would like it to be addon armor, as i liked seravee/virtue as they were somewhat unique
    wonder what it really is

  4. I’m glad somebody else is more than “meh” about them, now. If you look inside Raphael’s giant table “shoulders”, you’ll see a GN Drive in each side, so possibly a twin drive system (and Raphael itself runs on a GNT drive). Which means it’s just an inverted Seravee.
    I think why people are disliking Harute’s huge backpack is because the transformation doesn’t integrate into the mech itself, unlike Transformers. I’m a sucker for things that turn into aircraft, so I’m all over it anyways.
    Zabanya…He should’ve had an extending arm like the GP03.

  5. I hate bandai for giving us only 2 rifle bit for zabanya…now I must buy 5 boxes of zabanya if I want to recreate that cool screen from the trailer…

    1. actually i think that there are more inside because i checked some of the pics and the are lines where the bits are suposed to be 0____0

      1. They could be… and it would be awesome if they were, but I bet that Bandai’s gonna cheep out on us and just make those panel lines.

  6. Among the four, Quanta and Harute stands out for me. Quanta mainly because of the great colors, Harute because it looks like a Macross to me. Sharp, yet badass. If only Allelujah’s colors weren’t orange…

  7. I think me gets the Quan[T] though the other kits do looks exiting.. but then again you are right better wait on those add on packs if they will ever get one so we can save our cash. ^^,

  8. Those things would be very badass (especially Zab) if not for the LOLHUEG backpacks/arse packs that make ’em look retarded. :|

      1. I kno…WAIT WHAT? Shield Bits > Rifle Bits? I always thought that the GN Fence WAS the rifle. Thanks for the info, although I still hate the fact that he looks ridiculous.

  9. Yes!! Harute is looking badass and smexy! Love it a lot.. hope the HG got its 6 eyes mode ^^

    Zabanya is okay to me… if the fence thinggy was not there, it would be perfect :D, same goes to Raphael.. I dont like the huge gunpack XD

    I’ll wait till movie done and when Bandai starts to milks GNHW on these gundams ^^ then Ill buy all except for Raphael ^^;;

  10. I still couldn’t like any of the 4 00 Gundam movie’s Gundams.

    Harute’s giant rifle seems to be made to balance it’s backpack, and the transformation was… unsatisfying and one-sided (wonders how that thing would look like from below).

  11. Yep, and my favorite has always been Harute among the four… Personally i felt something was wrong with 00Q’s proportions, but i dunno really know how to point it out.

  12. I personally don’t like any of the new gundams. Their equipment placement looks awkward and feels tacked on. Also like Z mentioned, weight distribution might become an issue especially with Raphael.

  13. Raphael’s 2nd form, Gabriel (as they say…), will look like serabee, that’s why it’s THAT huge… and Gabriel, as i’m sure of, will come on another set of gunpla, which will be released on X/X/2011 date… damn… also, the upgrade for 00 Qan[T] will somewhat look like a combination of GN Sefer’s main block (yup, the cockpit) and the 0-Raiser… but i bought 00 Qan[T] though…

    1. correction, *seravee… also, zabanya’s is rumored to have only 2 GN Holster Bits that contain GN Riffle/Pistol bits… so the other 8 will probably contain, well, none… that’s as far as the released photos are concerned…

      1. Also, when i bough 00 Qan[T], there is this weird configuration that the 2 GN Drives are physically connected, the GN shield is placed on the back, which acts like a GN overdrive of some sort?

    2. Raphael’s HG price is alot higher than the others (2100yen, in contrast to 1600 and 1800), despite the main body being made of only three runners plus polycaps, and being almost identical to the GNZ line of non-gundams. Bandai may have gotten smart enough to release Raphael with its backpack gundam (which as I pointed out earlier, might have the twin drive system).

  14. I had no idea what some of you were talking about Harute’s six eyes so I did some research and found some images… and shat brickz after seeing it. That is definitely the most badass thing I’ve seen in Gundam since… the 150m Gerbera Straight. I am definitely getting Harute if it comes with that face chance otherwise F No.

      1. The visor dissapears (probably slides into somewhere), the main optics separate into two sets, and the bottom of the brow cvomes down to reveal two more eyes. Then they all turn red.

  15. personally im willing to branch out to gundams that dont rly look like the gundams i grew up with (gundam wing) as long as they look cool in their own way

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