Gunpla Inochi Hits 2,000,000

Now that I think about it, I actually don’t understand why it is a “milestone” when a blog reaches x number of hits (provided everything else still stays the same) but it seems to be an obligatory thing in the blogosphere so here’s mine. Yay 2 Million hits! Anyway… moving along… I got something to offer to you starting today. Do you have a blog and are on my blog roll? If so, this little change in my links might help route traffic better from here to your site. I like how some blogs use “banners” for links and that looks more sincere than a plain text links so thought I do the same from now on.

So if you want, you can create a banner for your own site and give me the link address for it and I’ll edit your link on this blog so it shows the banner instead of the plain text. I think people will be more likely to visit your blog this way. Here are the requirements:

– The above is the banner size that I’ll accept- 215×28. Not a single pixel more in any dimension please. I like things to look uniform here (sorry!).

– You can either provide me a link or I’ll just upload it myself somewhere.

– Drop off your banner either in the “About” page comments section or email it to gunpla.inochi(at)gmail(dot)com.

– For now I can’t create a banner for you but I might eventually… someday… when I learn how to >_>. Don’t count on it though.

– If you’re not on my blog roll and want me to exchange links, then just drop me a line as well.

– How you design your banner to look is totally up to you of course.

Simple enough, yea? I’m guessing that the sooner your provide me with a banner, the longer your blog will stick out on here and hopefully that’ll boost your traffic. Can’t guarantee anything though! This is just a little gesture to show you my appreciation for the traffic here up till now. As always, I thank you all for dropping by and keeping this blog alive even when I am doing it =).

26 thoughts on “Gunpla Inochi Hits 2,000,000

  1. Congratulations on your 2 million hits!

    time to start working on a banner. The use of banners definitely makes the link more appealing and attractive rather than just plain text alone. Good suggestion there!

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