MG Astray Red Frame Backpack

I couldn’t resist…

AHH!! It’s not red!

Can’t really see anything from the front…

As much as I love this look, the fact that I have to sacrifice a limited model and having to go through the trouble of stripping the gold plating, then painting it red (and getting it to match) doesn’t seem to be worth it… Still glad that I at least to get to see this form for myself in person though. Here’s another “Damn you, Bandai!”…

More RF goodies later.

37 thoughts on “MG Astray Red Frame Backpack

    1. Ordering another Red Frame solely for the backpack is a huge waste of money I think ^^;. I’m just gonna hope that it turns up somewhere…

  1. what a waste. now the gold frame is incomplete. try looking again but this time in the least expected places like blue frame’s box or your mom’s safe.

    1. The Gold Frame is not incomplete… it is still has its own backpack. I only did this just to take a look at it on the MG RF.

      1. That is true though you can use HLJ to purchase specific runners on your behalf, but doing so is a pretty costly so you’re better off buying a new kit.

        1. HLJ allows for oversea orders of parts. I ordered my MG Zeta replacement parts from them before and it took quite some time.

                1. It was pretty expensive when I was looking into getting the non-plated frame runner(s) for my MG Destiny.. $20 each I think is what it came out to be, BEFORE shipping, for each runner…. definitely cheaper to buy a whole kit and have a bunch of extra parts for modding projects later on down the road.

  2. Hurm. If you don’t like the tactical arms, why not tear it apart and make even rectangular parts from it, and then make a “Briefcase IIL”. It’s going astray from the usual portrayal of war (the fighting), and showing you the boring stuff (paperwork)!

    1. I really don’t dislike/hate the TA but I just prefer the regular backpack more. I can live with the TA in flight mode though.

      1. Like, is that the NG Gold Frame’s backpack on the MG Red Frame’s body? And whats all this about stipping the plating? Are you saying that you painted the Gold Frame Red? O____o

        1. Yes… that’s the 1/100 Gold Frame’s backpack on the RF. But no I am not going to strip the gold and paint it red. too troublesome.

  3. Z,

    if you don’t need it urgently, perhaps you can look in forums and see if anyone got a NG astray backpack for sale or trade, which is more worthwhile. Since you have waited and looked for one so long, you should give it a try.

    If you’re lucky, someone might even give it to you for free. With so many different Astray release, I am sure someone has one to spare, after upgrading from 1/100 NG to MG.

          1. They come in different varieties: flat, semi gloss, and gloss. It really depends on how you want the final result to look. Z will probably tell you that the general rule of thumb is to use flat :P

            When you get into painting and stuff like that you’ll find that each kind of top coat serves a different kind of purpose, like making a piece ready for washes.

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