I don’t know what the heck I just watched but it was pretty random and I got a good kick out of it. Fireball is a 13-episode CGI anime series created by Disney(!) and Toei (old school super robots!) which you can breeze through under 30 minutes (!?). There is as much story and plot as Lucky Star, so if you want sophisticated character development, drama, surprising plot twist, and serious idle conversations then this is a must-watch. Since the series is so short, you don’t risk losing as much brain cell watching it as compared to Lucky Star.

My favorite episode. Seems like everyone have already seen this series… so guessing I’m a bit late here? ^^;

18 thoughts on “Fireball

  1. your not the only one.. I havent watch Fireball even eps 1 lol

    even though I knew the character (Drossel in this case) ^^ I thought the series is kinda action like XD

    1. Amazing how they need to take a year to release something like this… I supposed coming up with the humor is the hardest part ^^;.

  2. aha! So thats what tat chick is! I’ve been wondering about that ever since I first saw the figure on Ngee Khiong’s blog…quite interesting…I’ll watch it just to kill time. ^^;

  3. Ah, Drossel…

    The heavy-metal mecha tsundere. Though half the jokes are Japanese-flavored punny material, the series as a whole is just so quirky and fun that it’s hard NOT to become a fan of Drossel.

    Oh, but her Figma toy is great – good articulation, tons of accessories. Get it if you love Drossel. That’s all there is to it.

  4. Was I the only one would thought Drossel was an android version of Miku Hatsune before actually watching the series or knowing anything at all about Drossel?

  5. Is it still possible to buy her figma…Everywhere I check it’s sold out…
    Could someone provide me with a lead on where I could get my hands it?
    Much obliged

  6. Hahahaaa!!
    I really like Fireball an enjoy every second of it, so much randomness in every episode.

    The Figma figure of Drossel it’s hard to find, I was lucky to get one for my little sister when there was a restock of these at hlj

  7. The only Figma Drossel I’ve seen lately in local shops is the Christmas edition, with a special Disney DVD included and all sorts of Christmas-related accessories.

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