Tea Chat with Teh Tarik

My apology to the Malaysian readers here for not being able to drink the authentic stuff and have to resort to this instant stuff of the great drink, Teh Tarik ^^;. Hope it doesn’t sound as much of a blasphemy as it is an oxymoron; how do you have instant and “hand-pulled” tea?

Well, I did tried to pull it myself after mixing it but still couldn’t get any froth >_>

Been too lazy to cook so this is pretty much my breakfast and lunch. Now let’s have a little tea chat…

I am amazed at how the HG Sinanju practically looks like its MG counterpart for about half the price… I feel sorry for the poor souls who have to paint the gold trim on this.

While I didn’t see this coming so soon, I am not surprised at all since I have been expecting this to be released back before PG Red Frame was announced. With the release of this PG, you can now find the Strike Freedom in every form factor. Now here are my speculations (we all love speculations right?):

– It’ll cost just as much if not more than the 00 Raiser just because Bandai can. If The-O is ~$130 then this will obviously be above $200.

– Some special initial pre-order item. Be it a base or wing effect parts or both… something essential to make people pay the exorbitant price so that it feels “worth it”.

– While it is “designed” by Hajime Katoki, I don’t think it will carry a “Ver. Ka” label. Probably best if it doesn’t otherwise you might have to pay even more to cover his salary.

– While I don’t doubt it’ll definitely look great, I am expecting something half-assed about this kit, be it minor or severe… Just something that makes this kit not, well, Perfect. I’m not talking about loose joints or flaws yet (I’ll ignore that for now… but we all know it’ll be back-heavy). Its SD model has no real gimmicks (compared to SD Destiny), the HG 1/144 and 1/100 models are absolutely hideous in proportions (compared to just about every Gundam in the 1/100 line of its time), the MG skimps on the gold plated runners (or deal with crap-colored plastic). So yea, be it minor or severe, I expect something off-putting out of this kit. Since it is a popular Gundam, Bandai doesn’t need to spend extra effort since it will sell anyway.

– I’ll be looking forward to the day when random people will come to this particular post after this model’s release to tell me how utterly wrong I am on all my points and whatnot and ignoring the fact that this post is written way before the model’s release… just like the PG 00 Raiser binder post.

Anyway, moving on…

People actually like this d-bag of a character to merit a figure? Actually, I kinda do… and hate him at the same time ^^;. He’s a great example of how not all Kamen Riders are nice, selfless beings who live only to save the world… you can be a protagonist (“good guy/hero”) and be a complete jerk that no one likes as a person. Dude is from KR 555.

Wait wait… so it’s NOT a SH Figuarts of Ryuki?! But a FIGMA of Dragon Knight?! *mind explodes*

Wow, I didn’t expect this post to be so long. By the way, the banners are looking good! I think I’ve added everyone who submitted theirs so far. Keep ’em coming!

As always, images are courtesy of Ngee Khiong ^^

22 thoughts on “Tea Chat with Teh Tarik

  1. To get the froth (be it tea or coffee or chocolate), get another empty glass and start pouring from one glass to another and try to do it multiple times with a higher and higher pulling range. Do it until the drink gets nice and bubbly/frothy.

    BTW, make sure to do on the sink, things CAN get messy if doing it wrong.

    In Malaysia, the drinks pulls YOU~! (sorry, can’t resist the silly Russia memes XD)

  2. As bd77 stated, thats the only was to get the froth.
    Here’s how it’s done:

    Mm… I am kinda surprised when Max Factory first announced the Figma Dragon Knight, or Ryuki if you will. Shame that Bandai haven’t made the Figuarts Ryuki. But looking the the Figma right now, it doesn’t look that all bad. I really love how they’ve designed the joint for the pelvis and hip. Ryuki may not be my most top fav Rider from the series (my fav is Knight), but I’m still going to get this figure either way as KR Ryuki is the 1st Heisei Rider series and the last Heisei Rider series that I’ve ever watch until Decade. Thanks to Decade, I’ve decided to catch up with the previous series that I haven’t watch.

    1. you get the froth from a condensed milk tin specialised for teh tarik only, I have made some myself before and hahaha I overloaded with froth goodness.

      As for this instant packet, i don’t thing it has enough milk…

    2. That’s what I was doing! Except nowhere near as high of a pull… and even then, I made a bit of a mess >_>. These guys are awesome!

      1. That’s nothing. You should see this one:

        They even had a competition for this where the “Tukang Tarik” show off their pull skills at it’s finest style.

  3. My guess if it’ll be good (all gold plating beam effect parts for the funnels etc) it’ll be more than 00 Raiser.
    Also similar to Astray I think it’ll be less articulate than PG strike (Vegeta8259 noticed that the elbows look like PG Strike’s)

      1. Maybe Bandai found a way to have the sticker’s border be smaller. Really I do hope there is an easier way than the stickers for us who can’t paint.

  4. I think I want the HGUC Sinanju just for the sake of the challenge…I have a nice colorscheme in mind too.

    As for the SF, I’m sure it’ll be with some flaws here and there since pretty much every kit does…I just hope it’s not a crippling one. Hoping to god they don’t do plated gold runners for the frame or something like that since I’d be painting it up in Nu Gundam colors if I got it.

  5. man, im like, ” WTF, kusaka as RAH figure??”

    haha, he’s certaintly is one mothrfuckng characther in 555, bt i really like him coz he is certaintly very dif. from the other riders.

  6. haha.. i’m just drink it yesterday at a local mamak (Malay/Indian Restaurant).. i never try the instant type before.. still i love this original hand pull tea..

    you are god damn right about the PG speculation.. i’m still wondering what kind of effect or gimmick will come with this PG SF.. wing effect? then the whole kit will take a lot of space..

  7. Figma’s Dragon Knight looked really good. the articulation is so good, it made me wonders whether Tamashii Nation haven’t released SHF Ryuuki because their prototype’s articulation couldn’t do the pose before the rider kick (the same goes to Blade and Kiva normal form).
    I like Figma to try do other KR series, although the licensing would probably pose a probe (which is why they pick Dragon Knight instead of Ryuuki).

    1. Yea it does look really good… but I’m just surprised by it because it is sooo out of the blue. You get anime girls from Figma this whole time…then bam! a Kamen Rider xD.

  8. The Instant mix will do for now, be sure to do the ‘tarik’ (pulling) to get some more bubbles, you don’t need to have the skill like those in the videos, as long you pull it nicely and without dripping much tea on the floor/everywhere else its fine. I used to try it on other beverages such as Milo, taste good too!

  9. while I’m not very big on the SF, aside it is somewhat a redesign of the Hi-Nu… can’t help but think we might get the same thing on the Full Burst mode only bigger.

  10. teh tarik, less sugar please!

    PG Strike Freedom will go like Robo Tamashi package i suppose. And a stable stand is 100% needed. One thing I dislike bout SEED MS is that, the backpack is so ridiculously heavy and yet the MS is so tall – i suppose the weight inhibit their vertical growth huh LOL.

    Nonetheless if a big fan of SF. But i’m much bigger fan of Astray Red. Will go for Astray if i were to buy a PG.

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