SD Gundam Unicorn Banshee

We all know who Keita is so I’ll skip the usual compliments.  I only check his site once a month and I usually find 1-2 projects completed on average. The guy just never fails to impress…

Obviously much custom work has been put into this model. I always wonder just what goes on in his mind when he comes up with a project and how to go about modding it. “Hmm… let’s see… today I think I’ll create a SD Banshee since Bandai doesn’t have one” *goes to work*. I can only imagine an artisan of his caliber couldn’t care less about what models Bandai will release as he can seemingly make his own.

Ball… Amuro Ray Custom. enuff said? It would’ve kicked more ass if it also comes with Fin Funnels though!

You can check out Keita’s page here.


Just a friendly reminder for those who thinks even slightly that I forgot this blog is still called GUNPLA Inochi… I just want to say…

There will finally be a new gunpla review on 8.27 at 00:00 PST.

That’s all I want to say =)


10 thoughts on “SD Gundam Unicorn Banshee

  1. I like how Keita takes all the parts where Bandai skimped out on (ie the legs, the backpack) because it’s an SD and small and makes it look really good. Insane psychoframe colour. If anyone could tell me what he used (I’m sure it’s on his site somewhere) that would be awesome!

  2. It would be perfect if master Keita and Master Katoki can work together. I am sure they will produce top quality models. What are you waiting for BANDAI?! Hire him when you still have the chance!!

  3. After looking at this (and others) he built, I’d like to see Keita work on a TAG-related model and make it look sleek and impressive. If he can pull of touching up an RX-78 ver. G30th model to rival the looks of an RG RX-78, I’m sure he can make the White Doll (or even a FLAT or a Kapool) look majestic, perhaps even godly in comparison to the MG White Doll.


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