Ugly Bootleg Gundams

Ahh… Chinese bootlegs at its best. With that sort of look and color scheme, “Arch Enemy” is a fitting name… Enemy of all that is Gundam!

Gundam Epyon SEED… enough said. That is seriously hideous! Got both images off of Gundamaniac‘s old blogspot page (it still has most of his works in it so do check it out). I think he is probably one of the first Gunpla bloggers who started way back before everyone and their mom finally has a blog. Sadly, his own site is now down and I haven’t heard from him since (though I think I still see him on DC from time to time).


23 thoughts on “Ugly Bootleg Gundams

  1. The only good thing about these is to use as target practice. Slice it up and nuke it down. >D

    Oh… The one that (what I assume) looks like Wing Zero Custom has “Hard Fight Sound”. Oooo… Like, I’m “really scared” now, better back off… XD

  2. Ouch, my eyes hurt when I look at these kind of things, I’m very glad that I can afford the real deal and never stare at horrible stuff like those “Gundams”
    ^ ^

  3. Oh digging up the old relics! Gundamaniac has been inactive for so long that his domain site is gone. Quite a pity, but I heard he’s quite a busy person in real life though.

    Blatantly fake toys give people a good laugh. At least they do have the shape of Wing Zero Custom and Epyon despite the rather interesting colour scheme lol (but what’s that mini figure next to Epyon?)

  4. Hey Z,
    My New Banners Up on my site
    and SHOULD work this time, it has a link by clicking and stuff
    but idk how to do anything fancy
    i wish i had done something like lupes…

    1. well, i guess that depends.
      it’s the same as rx-93 nu evolve ver. resin kit.

      if mcmodel has bandai’s OK, then it’s not.
      and if he doesn’t have, it’s still a bootleg

      1. it doesn’t, thats the problem…
        but wth, its too beautiful…
        only, its too expensive as a bootleg(almost 3/4 the price of the bandai nu gundam)

  5. I remember seeing those images of the bootleg figures before, as well as a couple of them on the Mecha Talk forums. I wish I had the Wing ver. Ka knockoff seen in one of AceWhatever’s images (I wonder if he still reads this blog…?):

    …But I guess–even with a little custom paint–it can’t hold up to my GFF, since that’s how knockoffs usually are. *shrug* I’d be surprised if it’s the other way around, but given how people knock GFFs left and right in reviews (usually justified, of course)…

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