MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Review

It has been exactly three months since my last Master Grade review (MG Acguy).That is quite a time skip and I thank you all for patiently waiting for this next one. Before you go check it out, I recommend that you take a 15 minute break away from the monitor and rest your eyes a bit first. 200+ images is a bit to scroll through… =)

Now without further ado, everyone… The MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai.


15 thoughts on “MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Review

  1. Wow!!! it’s a Gundam Review on
    It’s quite a surprise ; )

    Just Joking around, it’s been a while and I was getting a bit annoyed for all that Kamen Rider stuff (not a fan at all of this thing)

    Let the joy begin!!!
    : )

  2. man.. congrat :)
    you won the hlj straight build contest.
    You have been complaining about the v-dash’s price and now you got it for free .. congrats :)
    You really deserve it

  3. you didnt know you won!?
    that must be awesomer not knowing you won, and figuring it out to your suprise
    i looked again at you Blue frame photoshoot and saw the entry pics and congratz
    i just didn’t feel like entering this
    idk why
    but theres a next time im sure

  4. That’s weird. I’ve got a Astray Red Frame Kai as well, but it’s no match compared to yours. Maybe cos i build it in a rush. T.T Anyways, An awesome review as usual, Z-san =]

  5. btw just thought id say that this is one of the best gundam reviews that ive seen from you in a while. i can feel the love for this kit. it really does look good. well YOU make it look good at least.

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