Kamen Rider “Kids”

Ha… I saw this at the supermarket and they looked cool so I picked them up for about $2 a pop ^^;. These are them randomly packed toys with a piece of ramune candy that tasted like chalk (UGH! I keep forgetting what they are actually called!)

First one I got was the CycloneJoker Extreme. It is very detailed!

Soft figure and it is hollow inside so you can stick it somewhere. It is about 1.5″ tall or so.

The whole line-up was of Kamen Rider W, Skull, and Accel so there’s really no way to get a “bad” one besides the one you don’t want ^^.

Next up out of the box is W FangJoker!

Just as detailed.. though it could use a bit more fangs. Now for my favorite…

Kamen Rider SKULL! XD

Fedora FTW. I can probably stick all these little guys on my car’s dashboard.

Such an awesome design. I managed to get all 3 of the 3 that I wanted… ^^;

In case you’re wondering… yes, I did “cheated”… ^^;. *Runs*

19 thoughts on “Kamen Rider “Kids”

  1. It’s easy!
    You take a magnifying glass!
    And you lightly dig your finger into the side flap of the box that’s not sealed!
    And you look inside!
    My girlfriend does that for those tiny cuisine things!
    And I do that to complete my Zeta Chess collection!

  2. i just felt that you should know that your frequent updates to this blog are the only thing keeping me from going completely insane as i wait for halo reach to come out and for school to start. first year of college here i come

      1. oh ya haha. but its ok cuz i start school on the 7th and reach comes out the 14th. school should give me something to do

  3. My girlfriend owns a few of the pokemon kids. I wouldn’t mind owning a few Kamen Rider ones.


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