Kamen Rider No More

“Screw all this… Z is back to gunpla, we can’t take over this blog anymore. Nothing is going according to keikaku. I quit being a Kamen Rider… Time to move onto something else…”

“From now on, I am NOT a Kamen Rider! I am NOT Tendou Souji (天道総司)! I am Walking the Path of Dining, the man who will cook everything… 食堂(Shokudou) 総司 (Souji)”

“I am RAMEN RIDER!!!” “… But you’re holding onto a bowl of udon…” “… …”

“Leave me alone…” *ANGST ANGST ANGST* “o…oi…” o_o;

*note- Shokudou Souji (食堂総司)= Ruler of All Dining Rooms

33 thoughts on “Kamen Rider No More

  1. Z, if I’m not wrong, you won the First Place for that straight build competition (MG Blue Frame) organized by that Tomopop and HLJ…

    I read it in HLJ blog:

    From the photo and posing, I believe it’s yours – HLJ didn’t provide full info so it’s hard for me to know… but I just believe it’s yours….

    Congratulations from Shewsbury Land….

    But then if I’m wrong…. sorry about it hehehehehe…..


  2. Too bad you will stop on Kamen Riders…. I recently grab plenty of them as a tribute to Ishinomori…. oh well, you can still grab the MG Figurise Kamen Rider Cyclone Joker…. hehehehe….

  3. LOL nice Z! Must be painful to go from Walking the Path of Heaven, the man who will rule everything to Walking the Path of Dining, the man who will cook everything…

        1. For me its simply because as a tribute to Ishinomori the creator and since I buy less GunPla and Gundam items now, I grabbed the Kamen Riders product – with this, our big brother BANDAI will still happy….. they wont be too happy if we don’t buy anything from them at all…. hehehehehe…..

  4. Z, I’ve been regularly follow your blog and really dig your works. And I have nothing against Kamen Rider series.

    But with all due respect:
    Kamen Rider = Action figures = Toys
    Gunpla = Models
    Models > Toys

    Very good ending tho :D

          1. Before I get seriously burnt please let me eloborate my points. I’ve had this discussion with my GF not too long ago:

            Back in the simpler time, have quite a distinction between “Models” and “Action Figures”. Tamiya scales models are what I regard as “Models”, G.I Joe :”Action Figures”.

            Since then the line has been blurred significantly with various new lines of products. However we can still place a product on a scale of two spectrums: predominantly meant to be displayed ie: “Models” and predominantly meant to be played with (Action) ie: “Action Figures”.

            Now, Gunpla and the Riders have come closer to the middle of this spectrum. U can play with ur MG Sinanju but playing too much will def break it. U can display ur Rider, but obviously it’s not gonna look as good as your Sinanju .

            All the above is gibbersish compare to my next point:
            Z, I like your builts. I like how u make subtle changes to the kits to make em much better than OOB. I like your taste in models as well as photography. Your winning the HLJ contest only a testament to this. So I’m just glad u’re back to doing what this blog was meant for. And I’m looking fwd to seeing ur future reviews.

            BTW: IMO Kabuto Rider show is funny as.

            1. Thank you for your kind words. I knew what you meant since the beginning… was just giving you a hard time. Take it easy. =)

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