RD 00 Raiser Condenser Type

While I might not have a 00 with a GN Sword III (well, technically I do but… ya know), nor have I assembled one before but the one on this 00 Raiser seems… upside down? and backwards to boot? xD

While it doesn’t look too bad, it is practically suicidal if Setsuna (or whoever is piloting this) decided to fire the Raiser Sword that way… just sayin’.

Photo courtesy of GA Graphic

Even Q-Tips Matter in Gunpla…

“Wait…wut? I thought cotton buds are just cotton buds!”… No no… not to me at least. I use cotton buds to clean the excess ink off my panel lines, wipe off excess paint, and apply waterslide decals; cotton buds/swabs/q-tips are very handy. It is only natural I’d choose use ones that are a bit higher quality than cheapo ones. For example, you can easily buy a pack of 500 q-tips for around $1 but I’ve recently bought a canister of 200 for almost $3… and it was the best $3 I’ve ever spent on Gunpla supplies.

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Review! HG Arios Gundam!

HAHAHAHA! Super Soldier, resurrected!… in a Gunpla review ^^;. Well, thought I’d pump out another review seeing how I still have just A TINY BIT of free time. Truth be told… this review is completely out of the blue. I just jumped into this model out of impulse, straight-built it, and reviewed it. I wanted to see how well and fast I can review a model “on the fly” or on an impromptu. Normally, I would have ideas on what I want to do with a model (paint, poses, omake, etc) weeks or even months ahead before I start on the model. This time… I had to come up with ideas as I go along in the WIFP and during the photoshoot. Took me all but one day xD. While it might not be coherent, this is neither a short or a rushed review. As a matter of fact, Arios Gundam’s review has the highest photo count in the HG section!

Okay… enough talking from me. Here it is: HG 1/144 Arios Gundam GNHW/M! HAHAHAHA!

Oh, one more thing… I am hoping to bring you the final chapter of the “Astray vs. Astray” omake series from the MG Astray reviews by the end of this month. It’s going to have a page of its own… and I promise it’ll at least be fun :). I want to finish this month with a bang!