Random Gunpla Chat

A lot of interesting Gunpla news and stuff have been emerging left, right, and center so thought I’d drop my thoughts on a few ^^.

If you slap Ver. Ka markings all over this one, can you tell if it is a MG or HGUC?

Kamen Rider Mari… okay, seriously why and how is she so popular? Truth be told, I’ve never seen a single episode of Evangelion…

“New” 1/144 00 Raiser model (Condenser Type… whatever the hell that means)… Honestly, I’m really, really, REALLY trying to find the difference between this one and the other 00 Raiser w/ GN Sword III… and I don’t see any. At all. Maybe the photo is wrong?

Bandai is toying with my emotion with this boxart TToTT. It looks so damn good that I actually want the model now!!! But wait… just wait.. Deathscythe HELL WILL come in due time… @.@

MG ReZEL looks sweet! So I think I’m gonna just pick up the Commander Type version when it comes out, Bandai =P. That one will probably come with that giant beam rifle…


I don’t know where the image went but apparently there will be one soon. Since they took the effort in letting us know so early then it must be something new/special. So let’s do some speculating! :D

What the new 00 MG could be:

– 00 Raiser (seems unlikely though since we are already getting this lame Condenser Type 1/144 model)

– One of the other three S1 Gundams (won’t be S2 until 00 Raiser comes out)

– Flag/overflag

– Astraea (reuse Exia)

What I want it to be:

– 00 7 Sword

– Anything that Graham pilots

What I would hate it to be:

– Some form of Exia

– Some form of the GN-X

– The bling bling MS that Alejandro pilots

What are your speculations?

Long day today… I’m going to sleep. Be back tomorrow ^^;

All images stolen from Ngee Khiong

81 thoughts on “Random Gunpla Chat

  1. I hoper the MG on November will be Reborns Gundam though the 00 Raiser has more probability.

    I am not interested with Deathscythe ver Ka since there are no batwings :( .

  2. why do so many people want MG flag, personally i think it looks like a generic enemy from an armored core game >.>

  3. The next most likely MG 00 Gundam kit we’re likely to see if we go by the popularity poll taken month ago ought to be the 00 Raiser – and I’m talking a SCALED DOWN PG VERSION – complete with the GN Sword III weapon set, lots of sword effect parts for the GN Sword IIs, the Raiser Sword, and maybe even all the missile pods and stuff for the 0 Raiser as well. This will probably be at least a 7000 yen kit if they go all out.

    However, Bandai has made it a habit to throw us a curve ball every so often – especially in recent years. Maybe just to surprise us they’ll make it a Master Grade ANF ^_^;

    Honestly, one of the biggest cons people have with thie Deathscythe iteration aside from the bare design is the color scheme. I’m thinking I might get it, then just recolor the parts to resemble the classic TV version.

    The ReZEL is probably the only completely original-from-scratch kit in the last couple of months. Though I’m hesitant to get it because I haven’t built my MG Zeta 2.0 yet, and I’m a bit wary of transforming kits. Might pick this up once I watch Gundam Unicorn episode 2, though.

    Mari is…hm. Why is she so popular? Is it because she’s voiced by Maaya Sakamoto? Is it because Mari’s character is a badass who far outshadows Lunamaria’s therby making Maaya’s performance even cooler (at least, in MY eyes)?

    Or is it because of her unique psyche?

    It seems that EVERY Evangelion pilot has major issues that round out their personality:

    – Shinji is a pathological introvert with a father complex
    – Rei is severely sullen with little regard for her own existence
    – Asuka is a whiny bitch with a mother complex
    – And Mari is…well, she’s BATSHIT INSANE.

    Which probably contributes to her overall badassness.

  4. i think the new 00 MG will be the 0 gundam :)

    they will release one with the ‘green wings’ (roll out version)
    and the A.C.D. (multi-colored version)

  5. first time posting here
    you guys realize the pic said MG coming in november, but it wasn’t accompanied by any resin prototypes. knowing bandai, they will release the kit at least 3 months after they have shown off the resin in every magazine. if they had planned on releasing any 00 MG it would have been revealed last month, so i’m guessing they will probably reveal a resin prototype in november or it will have to be the lamest exia or gn-x rehash ever.

  6. Apparently the 00 Raiser condenser type is in the new Gundam 00 movie. I’m not sure who the pilot is, (Saji?) but I think it’s in operation at the same time as the 00[Q].

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