Destiny Gundam is All That!

“I am the best there is! I have the biggest sword for cleaving! the biggest BFG! The greatest wings! and even without weapons, I have my FINGER! I am the Undefeated Gun–“

“What did you say about your sword?” “O__O! uh.. no… nn..nothing. (Where the hell did this guy come from?!)”

“Did I heard someone say BFG?” “@#$%! Not me!”

“Didn’t I just kicked your ass…?” “WHO HAS THE GREATEST WINGS?! HIKARI NI NAREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”

“TToTT……” *orz*

17 thoughts on “Destiny Gundam is All That!

  1. Destiny has everything and the gratest? Not really to me -one of Destiny’s greatest flaw besides low endurance (energy runs out fast), thanks to the idiocy of ZAFT – it cannot use any different 2 of its weapons simultaneously. Drawing out a weapon itself has a time lag, even charging that palm cannon, drawing out his sword/cannon too.

    The only thing Destiny has is speed.

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