Music You Gunpla To

Yea… I just used a noun as a verb har…So do you listen to music when you build your Gundam models? If so, what do you usually listen to?

Personally, I would usually play the soundtrack of the series that the model I am working on is from or only to the opening/ending themes. You have so idea how many times I was “Flying in the Sky”, or playing the two main Domon themes when I was working on the MG Shining Gundam xD. This is just a way for me to get into the mood and feel for the model that I’m building. I think this also usually leads to a less stressful time with the model ^^;.

At other times, I would listen to something that makes me “chillax”… something with good beats, maybe a bit slow, even hip-hop or R&B will do too. Since building Gunpla takes a lot of patience, time, and focus, it is best to just relax and take it easy. One of my favorite chill song is “Thank You” by Home Made Kazoku (I’ve been listening to this song for who knows how long before I found out it was from Bleach… which I’ve never seen a single episode of). I cannot listen to stuff like Techno or Rock when I am building models! I tend to screw up easier or just lose my focus cuz I’ll be rockin’ it out! XD Depressing/Sad/Love songs/music also doesn’t help because then I’ll be thinking why I am building Gunpla instead of hanging out with a girl… or something like that.

Another chill song. Seriously, try building Gunpla when you are listening to this and everything will seem to go so smoothly! Nujabes is win! RIP man…

Lastly, something with a smooth Chinese note to it works for me too ^^. I need music while I build my Gundam models otherwise I might be bored quick or get sidetracked… which is strange, because I find myself building my models faster in silence o_o.

So what music do you recommend when building Gunpla?

Here’s a more relevant picture for the post. This one is a classic… :D


51 thoughts on “Music You Gunpla To

  1. try these:

    Beautiful World – Utada Hikaru. and the planitb acoustica mix
    Life Goes On – Mika Arisaka
    Life – Yui
    Yakusoku No Chi – JAM Project
    Wings of Words – CHemistry
    Together – Katsumi
    Kasou – laruku en cieru

    but most of time i listen to Depapepe guitars and Maxims,….

    1. As much as I think Wings of Words is a nice song solely by itself, I do not, cannot and will not relate it to Gundam… especially as an opening theme. >_>

      And I actually listen to the rest that you mentioned ^^.

  2. Other than listening to any musics related to the gunpla I’m currently building (or in case when I’m building SRW OG’s kit, the character’s specific theme song), I would usually listens to music that pumps me up when I’m building gunpla, some of them are:
    – any Shin Megami Tensei or Persona’s battle music.
    – Kajiura Yuki’s “EPIC” music (Mezame, Kara no Kyoukai, etc)
    – JAM Project.
    – Touhou arrange musics.
    – pretty much anything E.S. Posthumus or Immediate Music made.

  3. I usually don’t listen to Gundam music when I build Gunplas coz I mostly hear Gundam Themes when I play GVG Next Plus XD… “Eternal Wind” , “Mizu no hoshi ai wo komete” and “River” are exceptions though…

    But I usually listen to this when I build my Gundams
    “Utakata no hana”

  4. I never really gave it much thought, but when I built Gunpla (and will again), I usually had either turned on some local radio, a TV for background noise, or tried a random Wi-Fi radio station (as long as it was music I could listen to), and that was pretty much it.

    Besides, if it wasn’t elevator or background-esque music that seemed to be made “loopable” or “repeatable”, I’d probably be driven insane if I didn’t turn off the song after a few repeats. Gunpla takes a long while to build, after all. Even the 1/144s.

  5. I don’t listen to anything during the building, HOWEVER, when the time comes to attach all the built body parts together I just love to play the Final Fusion theme on loop during the final assembly.

  6. I’m the same with Ace, but I’m replaying a couple of Linkin Park anthems while doing so (preferably one that would be ‘motivational’) XD…

    Might listen to their new album once I decide on building another gunpla… :D

    1. and normally it i listen to music that gets me into the theme of the gundam.
      Ex. i just finished putting together Crossbone Ver ka and i listened to pirates of the Caribbean sound track.

  7. I think, i can’t works on gunpla without background music. Any music works for me, but still prefer for some instrumental BGM from games or from animes, especially from Gurren Lagann’s or Rebuild’s OST.

  8. So, if i’m gonna build my RG RX-78, i’ll play on loob “Tobe! Gundam!”

    Moeagare, Moeagare, Moeaagre GANDAMU! Kimi yo hashire!

  9. Hands down for Nujabes, always have his music for relaxing at work, but as for Gunpla I personally enjoy watching the anime that coordinates with the kit. haha don’t know how many times I watched all of Gundam Seed/Destiny while building MG Strike Gundam to MGFB Strike Freedom and now I’m rewatching Gundam Wing to build the recent MG Wing Gundam.

  10. When I was working on exia, I did listen to ash like snow again and again. But now I tend to listen to random songs, hahaha

  11. I personally enjoy watching the anime that coordinates with the kit. haha don’t know how many times I watched all of Gundam Seed/Destiny while building MG Strike Gundam to MGFB Strike Freedom

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