Kamen Rider is NOT Popular

Well… at least according to this blog, it isn’t ^^;. Some of you might remember that not too long ago,  there was a period when this blog pretty much became “Kamen Rider Inochi” and that was probably confusing some of you haha. I did that very intentionally just to gauge reaction, interest, feedback and discover if others have similar feelings toward KR; according to the KR poll (500 voted), opinions were split right at 50/50 so it’s “damn if I do and damn if I don’t” xD.At the same time, I was also analyzing the stats to see how the KR stuff flows with the rest of the blog’s contents (mainly Gundams) and I must say… it was very interesting (to me at least).  Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about…

The SHF Kabuto was my first KR review of any sort and thus, it is the “oldest” of the review and it has garnered 777 hits to date. Peak view at around 210

And this is the total traffic count for the “Kamen Rider” general page to date. Busiest day was at 67 visits. Both this and Kabuto’s page were added a little over a month ago. Now…

Here’s the total traffic count for the MG Astray Red Frame’s review page to date XD. 923 views just on its first day and it has already surpassed both the KR  general and Kabuto page’s combined total in less than two weeks XD!!!

So looking at the big picture, Kamen Rider really isn’t as popular as I thought it would be when YOU GUYS (re)introduced it to me ^^;. Despite being a 50/50 on the poll, most of you are obviously here for the Gundam (I guess the blog’s name have something to do with that…).Semi-unrelated subject but 9/03/10 took the title of “busiest day EVAR” on this blog… which it took from the day MG Shining Gundam’s review was out… which it took from the day of MG RF’s review… which it took from the day of this year’s blog’s anniversary ^^;. Haha I apologize if it sounds like I’m bragging but I see this as more of a milestone than reaching an arbitrary “x number of hits” ^^;.

Even if Gundam beats Kamen Rider in popularity here, this whole point is made moot simply for the fact that I don’t blog about what’s popular; I blog about what I am personally passionate about :). This doesn’t mean I’ll ignore your opinions though, since I do take your words into serious consideration (be it review requests, photos, random stuff, etc) and fulfill it if it is within my reach. I’m just saying regardless of stats or popularity, I’ll continue to make posts/reviews/whatnot about what I like… be it Gundam, Kamen Rider, Gaogaigar, cars, food, etc… that is what we call “Inochi” ^^.

Saying that…

“It’s NOT over yet, Gundam! Just you wait! We might only have 5 Riders now but soon, THE REST OF OUR COMRADES will join in! Then ALL YOUR GUNPLA ARE BELON–….hmm?”


“UGHHH!!!… oretachi… sanjou…”

“… need a hand there, buddy?” o_o;

39 thoughts on “Kamen Rider is NOT Popular

  1. Great!!! more Kamen Rider to comes…. since you like to do dynamic action pose (which I think you are quite good at) my guess for all those boxes fall down from heaven are S.H. Figuarts stuff… though I might be wrong…. hehehehe…

    I will soon review all 6 units of the WFC Kamen Rider W figure series from Bandai… they will arrive this week…

    Last time the influx of Kamen Riders in my blog during the Summer time is a tribute to Kamen Rider creator Ishinomori and this time its a tribute to the Kamen Rider W which just ended in Japan recently….

    My personal opinion = your blog is surely more popular for Gundam stuff, certainly one of the best review I can find nowadays…. but if you want to do review for other things like Kamen Riders, Figma, Revoltech or what ever, I think at the end it’s your choice….

    My blog started with Gundam and toys/figure stuff but I actually love to do review and I don’t mind to do review on many things as a future reference to others who may need it…

    For Bandai, both Gundam and Kamen Rider are important brands for them and thus they keep on producing many new products from both series on monthly basis coz they knew Gundam stuff alone is not enough… they need to make more product and more money….

    As I’m slowing down from GunPlaMo kits now, I find lots of joy on Kamen Rider figures as I can do “gangbang pose” with them…

    Try to think of it… I think Bandai did vaguely told the producers to produced the new Kamen Rider OOO with many different forms – translated to many action figures and toys from Bandai in the future…. studio will get 5% to 10% out of the licensing…. end of day… they all happy…

    As for Bandai, after Macross, slowly now they also try to conquer the Dragon Ball stuff…. behold Dragon Ball fans…

    1. I’ve visited your blog quite a few times and you pump out more KR stuff than I did this whole entire time ^^. It’s some good stuff..l. though I’m not sure what you mean by “gangbang” pose though xD

      It’s about time DBZ gets some Bandai product lovin’ actually since it doesn’t really have anything noteworthy besides straight-up toys.

  2. Gundam is always more popular than anything else… >.< Bcuz of time constraints, i built less gunpla and posted on something else too, which are also my interests and i noticed number of comments, especially, dropped too… Can't be helped…

  3. I’ve started reading DannyChoo when it was just about Gundams and Japan. Now it has expanded to include more… “perverted” stuff, yet his readership is ever increasing.

    What i’m trying to say is that your KR posts right now is not well received because most people who are reading now is here for Gundam related stuff.

    When word spreads out, KR fans will be here for the KR stuff and it won’t be long before you have more followers. A wider variety of topics will net you more readers.

    1. hehe… While I do appreciate people reading my stuff, I’m not blogging for the sake of traffic or to increase readership/gain popularity (otherwise I would’ve made a political blog and spew crap), so whether it is “well received” or not isn’t really a concern for me. It’s not like this blog gets the traffic it does now since the day it started (I was happy with 11 hits a day!) so I’m sure over time, the KR folks will eventually find this place ^^;.

  4. Call me ignorant, but I can’t get over the similarities between Kamen Riders and Power Rangers. Both ride bikes, both always nearly loose until the end of the episode where they pull out the Ultimate techniques and press the WIN button. Ahh, the awesum Power Rangers made my childhood.

    1. Power Rangers don’t dare to have sex with the female Rangers while all Kamen Riders love to do orgy (some sort of team work practice) while watching Japanese AV…. hehehehehe…

    2. I don’t blame you for putting those two in the same sentences since they are both tokusatsu shows.

      To prevent myself from writing an essay about the difference between the two, I’ll just make a VERY loose comparison… to say Kamen Rider is like Power Rangers is almost like saying Gundam is like GaoGaiGar…

      1. I was curious of what is this “GaoGaiGa” peeps are talking about.
        So i went away and did a lil search on Youtube:

        Ima overreact a lil now

        WTF is this sh!t !!!
        Did I just see a Shinkansen running into his body to form the arms and shoulders?!!

        Also, that gotta be the worse opening song I’ve heard so far.

  5. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when you type “gunpla” into google and click search, your Site came up second after Wikipedia.
    While Kamen Rider’ 2nd site from Google yields this:

    Something to do with your tag?
    Maybe it needs to be updated to include KR?

    1. when I search “gunpla”, Gaijin Gunpla’s blog comes before mine ^^. It doesn’t really matter though since I’m not blogging for traffic.

      That english KR looks… kinda bad. I just recently watched episode 1 of Ryuuki too!

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