Germans Don’t Dub Laughs!

I was rewatching Gundam Wing episode 1 and the scene where Heero cracked up after blowing away “two aries with just one shot!” was priceless and badass; we need more Gundam protagonists who gets a good laugh out of killing their enemies instead of angsting half the time (hallelujah! we also have hallelujah).  Anyway, the scene reminded me of this video that should also give you a good laugh as well xD.

Note: Probably shouldn’t watch this while drunk… ^^;


19 thoughts on “Germans Don’t Dub Laughs!

  1. Probably the weirdest thing about the German dub of SEED is that they for some reason decided to translate “kuso!” (“damn!/shit!”) as “HORROR!”, which sounds completely ridiculous and unnatural. I actually thought that Athrun’s name was “Horror” (come on, it wouldn’t be the weirdest character name in the Gundam metaverse), since they were constantly shouting it during the first battle between Strike, Duel and Aegis.

    That said, the German dub to Wing was pretty awesome because we got a German version of “Just Communication”.

  2. The “horror” thing is doubly weird because German dubs usually don’t have a problem with swearwords: a lot of dubs get away with “Scheiße”, and “verdammt” is not even considered a swearword in the first place, so it probably is a classical case of translator incompetence.

    Here’s German Just Communication, btw:

  3. ITS HAPPY!!

    i was drinking tea and…..

    darn that video just ruined my screen…
    lolz at that part….anyways..

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