Last Day- Kumoricon and Kinokuniya

Nice day outside today. Not much was going by the time I showed up since there was only half an hour left before closing ^^;. Walked and snapped a bunch of pics before I went back to the dealer’s room to start work for Kinokuniya again.

Many people standing outside doing what seems to be nothing.

Some dealers had almost nothing to take back while some looks like they will be bringing back everything they brought in.

Girls’ favorite category

Remember that pic of all the ramune in the previous Kumoricon post? This was what’s left of it.


I couldn’t decide if I wanted that action base with that Dengeki Hobby or not.


(Reverse) traps?

I so wanted that giant onigiri! but the smaller one in my hand was already like $20! TToTT

Hetalia: Axis Powers… I saw quite a bit of promotion for it at Kumoricon. I don’t know anything about it but I’m guessing it is about WWII? Sure looks cheerful to be a war story though…

On to the hotel to check out stuff like panels and such…

Guess everyone is tired…

I have no idea what they were doing here… nor did it look interesting… so I left.

More people sleeping. Group of otakus doing what seem to be an imitation of MJ’s “Thriller” dance.

The charity auction room. If you look in the middle, you can see Mazinkaiser! Sucks that I couldn’t get any closer D:. Time for work…

Of course, I shouldn’t actually be taking photos while everyone is working their butts off on getting out of here ASAP. Going back and forth, up and down this steep parking lot with a handtruck load of stuff was tiring…

All done in less than an hour.

Oh how I love my Lumix GF1! Hard to believe I already took over 10500+ photos with it in just over a month O_O

Back to Beaverton to unload everything we packed, say ”お疲れさまでした” to everyone then it’s time to head home and snooze.

Sweet… I have the rest of the week off… time to Gunpla it up!


14 thoughts on “Last Day- Kumoricon and Kinokuniya

  1. The week off? I’m envious.

    The event looked a bit boring to me. Using a Wii to comment here (my first time) seems more exciting… But I’d go anyway, if I could.

    How did the Gunpla sell (if any), by the way? Did you see what was popular?

    1. Yes.. i would agree with you using a wii to surf the net was probably more exciting.

      All the gunplas sold out actually… what little of it was there…

  2. And now there is not a single image left to see…

    UPDATE: Some images are back but a few are still missing… something is definitely up.

  3. its working! …but the images wont load when i click for larger version XD

    some of those cosplay weapons look cool. you ever planning to get into anime figures? :P and i would be taking tons of photos too if i had a Lumix GF1 lol

  4. Lumix GF1 ftw!! I’m still getting the hang of using it, kind of miss using the viewfinder on my dslr but what the heck, the GF1’s way more fun to use for normal everyday usage anyway xD

  5. Dayyyummmm that stuff looks expensive…$300 for a sword?!?! Did I read that right?! Over here and average samurai sword is toughly $75.00. I would’ve so jumped on that Lelouch cosplay hanging there on sale…but I bet its like $100+

    The figures look great too…I liked the FMA ones in particular…but are they overpriced? (i.e. $50+ per figure?)

    What about the Gunplas? Were they overpriced as well? xDD

    1. Good eyes… I didn’t even noticed the price. I would say the gunplas are overpriced… $58 for a MG Wing? No thanks. As for the rest, I have no idea…

      1. Went back and took a look at this post, remembering something in an image that caught my eye awhile back…

        …and seeing as I’m not addicted in every which way to Black Rock Shooter…I’d probably dish out $100.000 for that B★RS statue/figure…seeing as it’s still $100.000+ online…heck yeah, it’s a gigantar waste of money, but a guy’s gotta have his priorities…hope they’ll have it at AX next year. xD

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