Gundam… Unicorn

This is just awesome. Guess someone really likes SD Unicorn’s Final Form Ride and decided to make a real-scale version of it xD. Major props for creativity.

Which reminds me… I still have to assemble my SD Unicorn(s). I forgot I ever bought that model…

Pics are from Ngee Khiong

EDIT: Okay… so it seems like images on wordpress are still screwy when I upload stuff so guess I’ll just link to the image instead for now…


13 thoughts on “Gundam… Unicorn

  1. You know, when I first saw this, I’m instantly reminded of Fuun Saiki.

    BTW, who thinks that Bandai need to make MG Fuun Saiki?

  2. whats very cool is that he really looks like a model kit of a horse. and not a sloppy scratch build. I’m still guessing where the other parts are from.

  3. Or The Unicorn RIDING the unicorn…

    Looks like a combination of the Unicorn parts and the Unicorn Head base, among other parts. VERY creative use of some of them. The legs, for instance, are made of the arms(front legs), knee armors (hind legs) and the beam saber holders in the arms.

    It’s even got some hidden Psychoframe action. SWEET!

  4. It would be great to see Master Gundam or God Gundam riding on it. Imagine God Gundam in hyper mode, with Unicorn in destroy mode, that would have been quite a scene to behold.

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