MG Infinite Justice WIFP 1

Since Lupes stole my self-claimed title of “slowest gunpla modeler”, I decided to aim for the opposite extreme then. HA! A photo speaks a 1000 words… or so they say. I won’t be answering questions about it until I’m done with the review so what you see and what you think I did is probably what I did ^^;.

Where I’m at right now… though by the time you read this, I’m probably already past this part.


46 thoughts on “MG Infinite Justice WIFP 1

  1. This post reminded me I have to finish my 00 QanT. After working a couple of hours this afternoon on it I guess that tomorrow I’ll be done with it.

    P.D. I demand pics of this Infinite Justice Omnislashing/beam kicking the Destiny in the balls/ass/head/wherever

  2. Outa curiousity: why is there so many folks who dislike the Destiny? I tot Kira and that annoying chic who pilots the Strike Rouge, who cries every 30 mins are way more frustrating to watch. Neway, moot point, since the entire Destiny series was horrible. Suits design (hence wer building these) and music saved it from being a total failure.

    1. By Destiny, you mean the Gundam? I don’t dislike it. It might not be my favorite but it has a spot in me simply because it favors melee… and it has a wannabe Shining Finger.

      1. Yeah the Destiny Gundam.
        I quite like it due to it’s wings’ design. Halfway between Gundam Wing’s EW organic look and the Freedom’ mechanical look.
        Also u can see the designer has put some thought into it when it actually looks like an evolved Impulse (Boomerangs and, giant Swords and Flight pack)
        Shinning Fingers/Palm thumps all.

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