Light Doodling

Pitch black room + Canon XSi + laser pointer + a couple of friends = photography fun! Not sure how we came up with the idea but since we were and bored and I had my camera so hey, why not… xD

Writing your name backwards in the air with your cellphone is not easy! Did this with a long (30 sec) shutter lag and a quick flash.

We also doodled other silly things on each other. We were going at it for like hours! I won’t show you what they doodled on me though ^^; And pretty sure my other friend would kill me if she found out I posted a pic of her online so best not risk my life (she doesn’t read this blog but she does have the link…).

I’m pretty sure you can do this with just about any camera as long as you can set the shutter speed.

This was cool…

No flash. Just a photo in the darkness. ^_^



Just sharing a bit of it ^^;. Oh how I love photography…

25 thoughts on “Light Doodling

  1. the pentagram just reminds me of one old anime that I watched since grade school, hahahaha as if you “can” summon him though

    1. It’s a single shot in which you set the shutter speed say… for like 30 seconds. The shutter will remain open for that long so you can doodle whatever you want with a light source and it’ll capture its “trail” so you get the pics you see above.

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