MG Infinite Justice: Test Drive

Well, today was raining so I couldn’t topcoat the model yet unfortunately. Guess the next best thing to do is to mess around with the model and discover its weaknesses and limitations before I topcoat it so when it comes time to really abuse it for the photoshoot, I won’t screw it up too much =). Also this is a good chance for me to see where I need to touch up before putting it in the spotlight. Very rarely do I post “teaser” photos, but thought I’d share this time around to see what you all think so far ^^.

Again, I won’t be answering any questions about the model until the review is out (expecting weekend). This is so I don’t have to answer the same questions again later on >_>. Sorry!

Managed to applied like 95% of the decals/stickers it came with.

Trust me… it won’t be this shiny in the real review…

*points at the horn*

Those who built the MG IJ or knows how the runners are like will know what I’m getting at ;)

This is also a good time for me to work out the lighting and camera setting.

Some of the clear parts are missing and will be reattached after topcoat is applied.

I feel like I should just review this as is and get it over with… >_>

Now is also a good time to find the best camera angles for some of the poses ^^

Of course, can’t have a teaser without this ;)

Do look forward to some Justice Kick shenanigans!

32 thoughts on “MG Infinite Justice: Test Drive

  1. This reminds me of the time when I built mine.
    The number of runners were just overwhelming.
    Also, do you find the size of this thing is slightly larger than the other MG Seed counterparts?

  2. Great job on the model :) The design and the gimmicks that the MG Infinite Justice has makes it worth the buy.It was really fun building it. The joints of the model ,or at least mine , are sturdy and I have no complaints . The design of the Infinite Justice makes it one of my favourite mobile suits.

  3. Hey I am doing my justice right now but a custom paint job wanted to know how clear coats work and do they pervent scraping of paint when assembling and does it change the finish in any way. So if I want a flat finish the clear coat won’t change it.

    1. I… don’t really have a clue ^^;. I would think it might help a little (scratch-resistant) but with enough force, you can still scratch the paint. I think flat coat flattens everything, though unless your clear coat is glossy then it might take more flat coats to cover it up.

  4. after thinking a while. looks like you will finally fulfill your resolution on finishing the back…. “future projects”. like the others looking forward on his review

  5. When i built mine the shoulders were crazy loose, did you have that issue Z? If so the shoulders from the Gundam Mk2 ver. 2 (Titans) worked perfect. Plus the blacks matched if any ones interested

    1. I’m on to photoshooting mine right now so I’ll just answer you… my shoulders are crazy perfectly snug! :D

      If yours is loose then your arms are probably not plugged all the way into the body.

      1. they were all the way in i triple checked. for whatever reason the poly caps didnt fit correctly. im guessing it was a molding error

  6. This has gotta be one of the better MGs out there. I find that most all of the SEED/Destiny MGs are pretty solid. In fact, my favorite MGs of all time are the Strike variants.

    While I haven’t actually built my Infinite Justice MG yet, I worry about the joints in the hips that connect to the crotch – because these thin joints swing to the sides, I worry that it makes the legs a bit precarious to swivel at the hips.

    Otherwise, this guy rocks. I especially love the Fatum backpack. I’m planning to color the silver-gray parts silver on mine, to match the gold on my Strike Freedom FB and the chrome on my Destiny EB ^_^

  7. I just finished my Strike Freedom FB and was contemplating building the MG Infinite Justice or the HG Legend Gundam next. If I were to go with the justice then I was planning on painting the frame silver and the armor parts a bit of a darker shade of red (the armor pieces that come with the kit are more of a Lunamaria’s zaku pink than the maroon red they’re supposed to be IMO). I was leaning towards the Legend so that I could have an easy build before I moved onto another hardcore project, but seeing that you’re reviewing the justice is probably gonna make me change my mind…
    In any case, I enjoy reading your reviews, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks :)

      I think you would probably have an easier time with the IJ and probably less face-palm than the SF. I have not so much as actually seen a real review of the legend so I don’t know what to say about it but the IJ was a fun build!

  8. Z, do you have any tips or suggestions for applying rub-on decals? I’ve only used water-slide decals , so I was wondering if you could provide some kind of guide. Thanks!

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