Wonder Where These Came From…

I was just cleaning my room for a bit and I came across these two sheets of decals. Strange.. I don’t ever remember buying them in the first place ^^;. Then again, there are a lot of things in my room that I occasionally forget that I have…


18 thoughts on “Wonder Where These Came From…

  1. Yea, it’s a situation that frequently gets me every time. One time I came across a large collection of untouched SD models I bought years ago, completely forgotten about ever buying them.

  2. How lucky! I on the other hand can remember pretty much every order I placed, an approximation of when I got them and where I got them from (and I happen to order a lot of supplies and kits). Too bad my memory doesn’t apply as easily to school work.

    But anyway, two sheets of that is still a ton of decals. Probably cover 4 kits if used sparingly.

  3. Heh, dont you hate it when you loose something and it comes back in the corner of the room you never looked it…happens to me to many time…

          1. Lol. This peice of conversation is just Legend…ary.

            Can’t believe I just said that. I think my brain has just melted. XD

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