Haven’t Used This in Awhile…

Got fed up with the on/off sunlight today so I closed all the blinds in my room, and activated this thing for the first time in a long while to do some hardcore photography (wait… that didn’t came out right…)…

Reactor activated. Systems all green. Particle accelerator normalized. Nuclear fusion maintained. Generation Unsubdued Nuclear Drive Assault Module Standby…

Review tomorrow!


17 thoughts on “Haven’t Used This in Awhile…

  1. And Z’s nuclear reactor that used to power his gunpla is back online! Let’s just hope it didn’t destabilize while it was in storage… XD

  2. Z, are you gonna built colony laser with that ?
    btw out of curiosity, how did you set up your mini studio with those lamps?
    As for me I can only use some desk lamps like this:

    And the result turn out to be like this:

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