Perfect Zeong: Legs Are Not Just For Show

The first five seconds of this video. Poor Gundam…

I’ve never played this game before but heard a lot about it and the fact that there is a bunch of anime cutscenes in it makes it a pretty awesome PSone game. The only other game I can think of with extensive anime footage is Mega Man X4…

Oh how the times have changed…


11 thoughts on “Perfect Zeong: Legs Are Not Just For Show

  1. Oh wow, I like how the world seems better off after a Zeon victory in this video than the Feddie victory. Looks like the end justified Ghiren’s controversial means after all. Nuanced antagonist factions were always a strong point of the Gundam franchise, and I’m glad that the aftermath of a fascist victory was not automatically portrayed as a dystopia.

    I wonder what happened to Char, though…

    1. You do realize that MSG can be seen as a parallel to WWII, right?

      On a less serious note, they wouldn’t have been able to make more Gundam series if it were a Zeon victory!

      1. Doesn’t that go without saying? See, that’s the beauty of it: while no one would have the balls to portray world where the Axis powers prevailed as anything other than inhumane and horrible, a fictional parallel of reality like this is able to take a more moderate approach without sparking a public outcry. I think it’s a neat little way to illustrate the subjectivity of history.

        And I’m sure there’d be more material for plenty of sequels. People living earth would probably suffer from a lower social status due to the ideologies of Zeon, which would fuel an uprising… And of course, a teenager is going to end up in a giant robot at the end of the day.

  2. Dayyummm….thats like a PG model stepping on an HCM-Pro…dang, I feel bad for it. I guess this is what would’ve happened had Zeon completed the Zeong in time instead of giving Char like…half the suit? xDD

    Forgive me if I’m wrong on that; I’ve only read up on the original UC Gundam series but never actually watched the entire thing…I think I got up to episode 12 before I suddenly stopped.

  3. It is really great to see Zeon has good ending instead of tragic one, since most of my favorite char during OYW are from Zeon.

    I would love to play the game if i have my psp again since it looks pretty good strategy game and plenty of MS available.

  4. IMO the game is quite difficult, and the pacing is so slow, it’s almost like torture.
    but the number of “what if” and the MS variations (especially the later series) is pretty interesting.

  5. This is actually for PS2. I did a post on it a while back.

    What I don’t think people are taking from this video is that with the victory of Zeon, comes the dictatorship of Zeon. Its like saying the world would be better off if the Nazi’s won. Sure there’d be order, but it would be order with an utter lack of freedom. Then again, the original MSG and Z Gundam included a far more gray picture of politics.

    It kinda amazes me how few people have actually seen the entire MSG Series.

    Regardless, the Perfect Zeong’s legs were actually intended to be included on the Zeong. So “Perfect” should really just be “complete”. It was pretty big though.

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