MG Infinite Justice Gundam Review

Another week, another review. As with the MG Red Frame review, once again I recommend taking a 5-10 minute break from the monitor before peeking in ^^;. I went a bit overboard with the photos again (not intentionally of course… >_>). However, this time I made some slight tweaks to my camera’s settings (I didn’t like how the photos turned out in my test drive post) and switched my lighting from dual-lamps to a particle reactor so hopefully, things look better. Personally, I think the colors are now more faithful to the subject and are “softer”, making it more pleasant and easy on the eyes while not looking washed out. Well, I’ll let you decide how it is ^^;. Lastly, I uploaded the photos in a bit higher resolution than usual so if you click to enlarge, the photos might seem blurry until you click it to see its actual size (if your browser has “auto-resize large image” on) then it becomes clear.

Alright… enough talking from me. Here’s the MG Infinite Justice Review. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed photoshooting it ^^;. Final note: “Assram” was how they tanslated Athrun’s name in one of the old HK bootleg subs ;)

Time to start blastin’ “Vestige”…


10 thoughts on “MG Infinite Justice Gundam Review

  1. Maximizing your break time I suppose. How I wish I have some spare time as yours. However, if I stop working, then no gunpla for me………hah.
    Anyways nice Justice there. I also put that “archangel” logo on the front skirt, but on the right side.
    Any comments regarding PG sf? I think the chest looks too fat, the belly cannon is too small and the head is too compressed. I still prefer bee-craft’s desgn for it.

    1. Maximizing my break time? If I were to do that, I wouldn’t cut out a PC part and walk away for two hours haha.

      No comments from me about the PG SF until I see at least a gray prototype… can’t really judge much from one single lineart.

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