MG Victory Dash Gundam Ver. Ka GET!

Some words of appreciation and gratitude are in order here. I would like to give a big thanks to everyone at Hobbylink Japan/, and Tomopop for hosting the “Playing with Plastic” Gundam competition. It was an awesome contest and a great way to see what others around the world with their Gunplas.  Since I didn’t get to submit the original Gundam I wanted to in time (my MG Red Frame haha…), I substituted it with my MG Blue Frame as my entry instead. At the end, I saw many other masterpieces and quite a few favorites from fellow bloggers as well ^^. I would also like to thank the very same people for this MG V-Dash Gundam Ver. Ka that came in the mail today. Thank you very much!

I didn’t think the box would be this big for such a “small” MG and only after seeing it in person did I realize that there is a V-Hexa in the background! That’s pretty neat!

While I have no intention of building this any time soon (or ever…), I did got curious and took a peek inside ^^;.

Wow… that’s all the red markings this model will get?! Katoki is being surprisingly lenient this time around…

Hahah… I knew it was too good to be true! After digging in some more,  there’s actually TWO sheets of clear stickers and TWO sheets of decals full of the Katoki’s signature red markings to graffiti the V-Dash with.

V-fin is tiny…

You not only get one, but TWO REPLACEMENT V-fins! That’s a first o_o

This shield looks so much better than the ones on the SEED Destiny models… love the lightning effect on it!

For one of the smallest MG in the line-up, it certainly has one of the highest runner counts… (~25 runners if you’re wondering…)


Like I said, I don’t think I will be building this one any time soon (if ever…) but after looking at the parts, it certainly looks challenging and intimidating ^^;. Maybe in due time, I’ll finally Stand Up to the Victory

Top of the shelf it goes!

Once again, to the folks at HLJ and Tomopop… Thank you!


41 thoughts on “MG Victory Dash Gundam Ver. Ka GET!

  1. I was about to start pounding on you on yet another Gunpla/Figure-I-Blogged-That-I-Won’t-Get-But-Will-Anyway moment, but after I went past the image and read the text, I went, “Oh.” But if you had bought it, I would’ve been surprised you got this and not the RD V2 Gundam that looked better in your view.

    Even if it’s not a preferred one of yours, freebies aren’t bad. I just wish the contest was done a little later and they shipped you a Deathscythe EW. I would’ve liked to see that, but I’m hoping the next G/FIBTIWGBWA moment will revolve around this model.

  2. The stack of boxes makes your room look like a mini gunpla store itself IMO… even gunpla stores in mall shoplots at my place dont have so many variations of kits for you to choose from… xD

  3. congrats Z!

    i think bandai give us some easiness in this MG, all you for changing to V hexa is just switch the core fighter. They actually give us two, not like some MG from 00….

  4. dude, u should totally build it. it has 4 count em 4 core fighters! two each along with the booster and tons of extra weapons. just check dalongs blog

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