Forgotten Gundams

Well… maybe not so much “forgotten” but there a few Gundam models and stuff that rarely (or never) crosses my mind that I have them or when I think about my next project. This is because whenever I decide on my next project, I go straight to my “Future Project” page to check out what I have left instead of looking around my room ^^;. Also most of these were shelved immediately after I got them without second thoughts heh…

Hehe… somone reminded me that I have a 7S so thought I take a peek at it today. I IS SHOCK! I found a loose piece… thankfully, it was knocked clean off so there is actually no nubmarks on it xD.

Been working on models with plentiful numbers of runners lately so seeing so few in this kit made it look… easy.

Since the day after I bought this last year, I’ve tossed it in the back corner of my room where it is covered by my door… so I rarely see this thing myself hence its existence in my room have always flew past my mind. I do get surprised from time to time when someone enters my room and points it out “that giant box” to me xD. I’m proud to say that I’ve NEVER (yes, not even once) opened its box to see the parts inside. Only time will tell what I’ll do with this model…

My SPARE GFF Deep Striker. This is still the masterpiece of the GFF line-up and one of the rarest around so I picked this one up on my first visit to Kumoricon for a mere $95… I don’t think I’ll ever find such a deal on it. Picked up but got hidden behind some SRW figures so I never took much notice of it and forgot about it from time to time ^^;

Not too far away is my completed Deep Striker which I’ve already reviewed. Dear Bandai, I want a Master Grade of this Gundam… please make it. Preferably in VER. KA format. I’ll happily pony up about $400 for it if you do. Pretty please?

My Poor GFF GP03S Weapon System has just been collecting dust all this time hidden behind a fall of figures because I can’t fit it inside my display shelves. I never remember to dust it either… >_>. Oh yea… and my fallen GFF X-1 that I still haven’t gotten around to fixing yet…

Spare models that I’ve also stashed away the day I got them and never looked back… bought them because they were on sale but forgot how much >_>. They will be built when the time comes though. So that’s all the “extra”/forgotten models that I have and whatnot that I didn’t include in my “Future Project”.

Anyway… this post is lacking some awesomeness so how about a…





53 thoughts on “Forgotten Gundams

  1. Hah, you actually post these models on your blog maybe perhaaaps a many moons ago. hmmmmmmm so many models to build. You didn’t feel any stress that you will have to build soooo many of them?, hahahaha sorry if I offend you

  2. I wasn’t all that pleased with the PG 00… it was fun to build and all, but a few things about it were just annoying, like the proportions for the waist, and the locking mechanisms for the arms. if you do plan to build it I’d suggest trying to track down one of those bases that you get with the first edition one, because it’s gonna have some trouble standing up with the Raiser on it’s back. All I know is I like the PG strike and PG red frame a lot more than the 00, and when I run out of shelf space I know which PG is going back in a box first. just my 2 cents :D.

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