Seeing how Strike Freedom’s wings are causing me a bit of stress, thought it’ll be a good idea to pop a can of this “turtle jelly” to “cool down” the “hot air” in me. whew.

While the real stuff is made out of real turtle shell, this canned dessert variation is pretty much jell-o mixed with some negligible amount of random flowers, honey, chrysanthemum, and lohankuo  . So yes, no turtles were harmed in the process of me eating this can of jelly >_>.


18 thoughts on “Guilinggao

  1. lol…this is good..
    it’s supposed to taste a bit bitter without honey..
    though it still tastes good..
    try it with milk or something of that sort.
    it should also taste good

  2. lolx. everyone here seems to be shocked by the participation of a turtle in this product.. XD i love guolinggao too..haha. would be even better if you can throw in 2 teaspoon of honey! =D cheers! onomonomnononomonomn…

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