MG Strike Freedom WIFP: Unboxing

Being one of my most epic WIFP ever, I’ve managed to successfully unbox/unbag all the runners in a matter of hours, stared around the room, procrastinate a bit, pondered a little, scratched an itch, and left the room to do something more productive for the entire day.

I’m just kidding… xD

Something seems a bit out of place, no?

Strike Freedom… Freedom… Gundam… Strike Freedom^2 Gundam?

So I would’ve actually been done assembling this thing by now if I didn’t had to paint more than I expected. If possible, I would like to bring out the review HOPEFULLY by Friday because I think I’ll be gone over the weekend. SF fanboys beware, I have some not-very-nice things to say about your favorite MS…

Comment whatever you like but please save the questions until the review is out ^^;. Also, please recommend me some suggestions for the omake… I would like to hear some ideas (and I’ll see how many I can work into what I already have in mind). One drawback about doing WIFP is that I can’t come up with scenarios fast enough for the photoshoot… ^^;. So yea.. some help would be nice. Thanks!


54 thoughts on “MG Strike Freedom WIFP: Unboxing

  1. For the omake, maybe you could have the first “reviewed mech loses a fight”. I’m not fond of the SF either, I’m more for mono-eye MSs. Personally I think you should give the 1/100 Overflag a go.

  2. hey z! i have this kit unbuilt.. and i was unpacking it ytd too, after finishing my mega-size RX-78-2. XD was pondering how shld i paint the ‘unpainted’ gold parts… maybe you can shed some light on it? like which parts of the ‘unpainted’ parts are actually showing on the final product etc.. that would be a great help to anyone with this kit! thanks!

  3. Strike Freedom’s wings are terrible. Mine wore out the same day I built it without even realizing it at first. Overall I think the original Freedom is a better MG than Strike Freedom.

  4. Hey man. I have been watching your site for your builds and I must say I enjoy this alot. And look forward to more. I wAs wondering if u get the time could u check out a custom job I did. I have a slide show on YouTube. It’s and exia mg exia with three gn drives. Just look up answer 1 and u will see it.

  5. Meh I was never too fond of the SF – I always liked Destiny/Infinite Justic/Legend better. I hear the wings on this kit blow also, so yeah >_>.

    Godh Bandai need to make an MG Legend

  6. Oh man… didn’t expect to wake up to see so many comments ^^;. Some of the ideas you guys suggested I already have in mind so that’s cool!

    I’ll take note of the wings too since a lot of you are saying the same things as well…

  7. Looking back at Ngee Khiong’s review on his SF, he mentioned the joints on the wings can get worn out quite quickly, so avoid doing too much posing with the wings in the final review. He also mentioned that the Super Dragoons are heavy (did not mention wings themselves to be heavy) too so watch out for that. Haven’t looked into any MG assembly but good luck working on the wings… While I have my balls to work on my 10 HGUC 1/144 Balls!

  8. Looking nice, too bad the model is a bit of a letdown.
    I’ve got an idea for you! At the end of a fight, the Strike Freedom goes to deploy its Super Dragoons!… except the wings don’t open XD

  9. omake idea: have the SF fight with other dragoon-wielding MS.

    will wait for your review before i post my own comments on the kit.

  10. I already built my SF full burst, I have to say I haven’t had any problems at all with the wings being loose, but I probably know the reason for that. I painted ALL the pieces that are supposed to be gold (the crappy ‘gloss injection’ pieces for the frame and those few pieces for the wings that came gold plated) with tamiya gold leaf with my airbrush, and overcoated them before assembly. it took a long time to finish doing that because I didnt have enough alligator clips to do more than one body part at a time (like an arm and part of a wing in one go) so it took quite a few hours between waiting for paint coats and overcoats to dry, but the finished result looks pretty good IMO. I probably didnt need to bother doing the WHOLE frame, since it’ll never be displayed without the armor on, but w/e. in the end I have a SF model with some stiff joints, but it feels really solid and I dont think it’s going to loosen up on me like other people have been saying.

    I’m actually glad to see that the original Freedom’s wings fit on the back of Strike Freedom, I was curious about that. Also, in hindsight I probably could have been just as satisfied with the regular version of the kit as opposed to the full burst mode. the effect parts for the dragoons and the action base were the main reason I bought the full burst instead, but now I realize that if you display the model in full burst it really only seems to fit with that one pose from the box art, and that’s just too static for such a dynamic mobile suit IMO. also, with all the dragoons on display it takes up a lot of space.

  11. I never thought I’d see the day when my backlog is bigger than yours, heh. Good on ya though, it’ll be interesting to see what you have to say about this kit.

  12. This kit is my first MG. Make me seem like an idiot for picking up a challenging kit as my first MG back then. What i have to say about this kit, is that I’m surprised it could hold up it’s own weight at the back (like Astray Blue frame 2ndR), you feel the backheaviness but it’s not heavy enough to topple the kit (big improvement over the Freedom).

    I love the wings -minus the fact i had to handle it delicately. It was my first MG soi was careful enough not to break anything, but the gears in the wing mechanism should have bee made a diecast, they wear out too fast although they prevent sagging. I simply disabled the gear after finding this out and fill in gloss coat to tighten the joint -worked well and it didnt sag. They take up a considerable amount of space and in FBM mode when i deploy the DRAGOONS on the clear poles, on the stand, it took up an area of 75cm X 75cm!!!

  13. I haven’t built my MG Strike Freedom yet, so I really can’t comment about the wings. I do feel however, that the Full Burst Mode is really lacking as compared to say, the Destiny’s Extreme Blast release.

    The differences, and my gripes:

    1 – The gold mekki plating. This isn’t really much of a gripe, as it’s cool that we get this as separate gold-plated parts on a whole new runner. Which means we get a new set of parts IDENTICAL to the ones that came on the kit. So we have spares in case something goes wrong.

    2 – The poster. UGH. The stupid frikkin’ poster. First off, it’s a cheap, stupid reason to get this particular kit. The poster is of the Destiny and the Straike Freedom staring each other down with Kira, Lacus, Shinn and Stellar in the foreground, and the words “Strike Freedom VS Destiny” in bold. The whole thing looks like the title card of a boxing match, only hastily done.

    All the characters are just stock artwork (from the standees that normally come with 1/100 No-Grade kits) pasted on, with simply-done profile art of the Strike Freedom and Destiny. L-A-M-E. Why not a shot of the box art? Why this dumb paste-up job? And this isn’t even a FREE poster! It comes with the cost of the kit!

    3 – The special clear blue Action Base with the clear stand rods are nice additions, but they also include the original base that comes with the standard release. Nice, especially if you don’t care to ‘launch’ the Dragoons.

    4 – The Dragoons come with clear ‘jets’, to show them flying off, but not firing effect parts like the Hi Nu’s. Now, I wouldn’t mind that too much, but why the HELL doesn’t the Strike Freedom come with the WINGS OF LIGHT?! For the 7000 Yen price tag, this just seems unacceptable. I would have gladly traded the lame-ass poster for this.

    Perhaps I should NOT have gotten the Full Burst kit, and just the regular one and just spraypainted the parts gold. I see little point in displaying the Dragoons launched with the wings looking like a frail skeleton. The Destiny Extreme Blast Mode, on the other hand, is a more worthy buy for what you get with the kit. It’s just so damn sad that one of my favorite MS gets shafted in this kit…

  14. Hey guys i don’t think anyones pointed this out, in fact i might be the 1st person lol, but when i got the SF full burst kit i immediately realized that the dragoons when posed with the clear rods are actually upside down xD lame! if you check the anime, the dragoons long side is ment to be facing upwards not downwards as in the mg kit.

  15. lol you’re right, the dragoons are upside down. they probably did it that way because that’s the easiest way to display them the way they do. plus I don’t think it matters much which way they’re facing, they can only be used in space anyway.
    as for the wings of light, I agree it would have been cool if they included something like that, although I don’t know how they would attach. I guess if you have some money to throw around you could always buy another Destiny EB and cut up its wings of light to modify them for the freedom :D.

    1. Nah, it wouldn’t work. For one thing, the Strike Freedom’s are supposed to be blue. And cutting apart the Destiny’s wings to fit would ruin the overall aesthetic effect because of the way they’re molded.

      1. Yeah I realized that after I posted that comment. Maybe we could find some similar plastic and cut it out and paint it. Doesn’t have to have that curve to it like Destiny’s. I’m gonna start looking :D.

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