Damage Report: Broken Wings

Heh… I supposed this is what I get for working on Gunpla late at night instead of sleeping. Now I have an extra “panel line” on one of the left wings. So what happened was that after assembly, this particular wing was very resistant to spreading along with making a weird “clicking” noise so I thought maybe the paint was too thick. With some effort, I’ve managed to dissemble it the first time around to wipe some of the gold and clean out the paint that got rubbed off but the problem remained. Repeat. I think it was my third attempt at removing the gold inner frame that  I snapped quite a few things xD.

I didn’t take any photos of the actual damage since I went straight to fixing it but the X’s you see above is where I snapped (and the outer armor). The bottom-most X is the blue female connector, the upper left x is that nascar-track-shaped arm thing, and the big X is the huge piece where everything branches off from. Funny thing is… the broken parts SOLVED the problem I was having… xD. Since the parts were so interlaced, I didn’t have to glue anything and just snap the armor back together and everything was held together. Tested… and aside from a new “panel line/crack” on the outside, there was NO DETRIMENTAL effect on the wings (so far). I guess I should give it props for that…


23 thoughts on “Damage Report: Broken Wings

  1. see i told you it was gonna break easily…btw mine only snap on the little x when I try to pose him. but overal it still hold it well. put some super glue on the connection of the 2 wings, it will hold very well

      1. yes, wings are too heavy with the dragoons on. it will start falling if you have worn out/broken joints. a little of super glue really helps as I now have no more problem with the wings

  2. Is… Is this what we call irony? Or is it convenience? ^^; Either way, I don’t know whether I should go into a rage about this to Bandai or to give props for it…

  3. At least yours still work. I’ve just broken my MG Destiny’ knee joint :(
    Are u going to mod the other side to make it symetrical ?

  4. Personally, I’ve never had a ‘perfect’ assembly. SOMETHING usually breaks when I assemble a kit – most of the time it’s due to my practice of topcoating the joints. Half the time, they’re TOO tight, and something snaps as a result. And afterwards, my sanity does the snapping ^^;

    The real problem is when a JOINT breaks. If it was a simple connection, a little super glue fixes that right up, but a joint that’s expected to be manipulated when posing will really be a challenge to fix without just getting another spare part.

    I broke the wing binder joints on my MG Freedom Gundam way back, and had to buy another kit just to replace the parts (thankfully, it was on sale), but now, I have a perfectly fine Freedom kit that has no way of attaching its wings. How sad is that?! A wingless Freedom ;_;

  5. I broke my Infinite Justice’s crotch joint, the one that extends from the upper thigh. I managed to repair it juz because i bought SFreedom FBM along! There are extra parts and i used the one that seemed compatible to me and it works. Reason of damaged? Inner Frame paint too thick >> over tight.

    Glad that my SFreedom didint broke at all – and it was my first MG… =.=

  6. From my experience, according to Dalong’s picture my problem would be that middle top X – which ends up being really stubborn when the wings needs to be spread out. For the most part as long as you have the long joint that connects both wings together and the option to extend the wings out to show the gold frame, MGFB SF will look just fine. I have mine shown on figure.fm under the name Nite if you want to look at that sometime

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