Linkin Park and Gundam

This is too interesting to let it slip by… Linkin Park doing a song for a Gundam game and on top of that, they get their own custom Gundam model o_O. I don’t know why but I actually laughed, thinking how awesome it is xD. Didn’ t know these guys are Gundam fans… A Linkin Park Gundam… a Gundam Linkin Park Custom… Linkin Park Custom…

But why a GP01 FB of all HGUC models? I’m guessing someone must be a fan of it since it was also a model featured in one of their old music videos.I’m digging the gray/matte look of the model though!

Here is their new song for Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. I haven’t heard it yet because my desktop can’t play streaming and I haven’t got it fixed yet. Truth be told… I have actually never heard a single LP song in my life even though I knew of them for over 10 years ^^;. Well, my friend gave me a few Fort Minor songs if that counts as anything…

Next we need Bandai to animate Gundam Wing G-Unit and have G-Unit perform a song for it…



44 thoughts on “Linkin Park and Gundam

  1. Y’know, I shouldn’t read too fast or skim too fast to the point of skipping text, because I thought the GP01 model in question was in this video. Because I was uninterested in looking at the video (or hearing it), I skimmed across it like I did the comments looking for typical “Look at [##:##] for [object of reaction]!” like I would in YT video comments.

    I checked that too, and I discovered it was a new song (the fact I skimmed to fast when I jumped your text below the video, Z), and that someone thought it was a [perhaps suitable, but commented just plainly it was a] video for a certain epic-global-disaster film (that I chose never to see) based on the nutjob belief it will happen on the year in question. I’d rather we go out in transformable fighters and alien ships across the galaxy in that same year. Similar beliefs, fighting about LP, etc. Then I actually watched the video, and it looked too apocalyptic and too dreary for my tastes. I may be kind-of gloomy, but I choose not to go into that crap.

    Then I re-read your post, Z… I can’t believe I wasted time on the video. The poster looks fine, and I’d rather the model be an updated, better-articulated HG GP01, but the color scheme’s alright… That’s about it. As annoying as the Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT (PLUS) theme song drove me after a few repeats, I can imagine it being better. Granted, I haven’t heard the LP song yet, and maybe I should, but I won’t for now.

    I think it was more interesting to read your mishap on the MG SF’s wings and maybe a future post or comment regarding your opinion of the PG SF being developed (if you haven’t already, Z). And maybe I should do some research on RD figures so I can fix a little “wear and tear” problem of my RD Turn A (keeping it–for a while–in a pose only RDs and EMSiAs can make to the point of wearing out the legs somehow a bit).

    1. In fact, let me add (to express the fact that I’m uninterested in LP and I can’t believe I wasted my time on stupid YT comments to help me look for a stupid cameo in a music video) that–as a non Kamen Rider fan–I would rather read your KR-related posts, Z. :)

        1. Well, to be fair, I’ve hardly listened to LP. After seeing so many freak movies of the “epic global disaster” genre (usually by a certain director) advertised, nutjobs on Amazon (and elsewhere) in completely unrelated areas, and this video’s setting, it just turned me off a bit. Yes, weird, I know…

          Maybe I’ll give post-’90s alternative and rock (of which LP is in there somewhere) a chance in the future. Of course, the only reason I gave the ones in the ’90s in the chance was because I had an older sibling around listening to it all the time… But the genres I listed aren’t so bad. *shrug*

      1. haha cool… then the next time I make a KR post, I’ll be sure to add a little note that says something along the lines of “this was going to be a post about Linkin Park”… :D

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